Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a weekend!

So, is it possible to deal with teething, ear aches, allergies, and pneumonia all in one vacation? The answer is yes. And further more, it can all be endured by one very patient little Sophie. For her vacation wasn't the most fun, but she was sure a trooper and enjoyed as much of it as she could, especially if mom or grandpa was holding her.

Really, other than that, it was a great little get-away to St. George. We did a lot of swimming (and some sleeping) in the pool, played in the sand dunes and hiked Snow Canyon, went to the park, the temple and the college, and let's not forget the Pizza Factory (worth a trip to Utah's Dixie in and of itself). There wasn't a lot of time for me to go visit old friends. I'll have to make a special trip for that, but I was lucky enough to run into Emily at the grocery store-a very welcome surprise for both of us-and a saw a few friends at church (my old ward).

The funnest parts of the trip though were the cute converstations I had with the little boys. Tyler was concerned about a baby gift I had brought with me to give to a friend. His concern? That the baby would have too many clothes. Thank goodness I had a blanket and burp cloths!! Trey told me all about how the ants are great climbers and he's a great climber. I asked if this made him an ant. He said no, he was a people. I told him that I'm an aunt. He didn't believe me. :) McKay told me all about how happy the flowers must be to live at Jesus' house (the temple). He was worried about them getting enough food and water, but he could see their smiley faces. He also informed me that I would be a beautiful flower-being pink, purple and yellow. I love these precious moments!


Chad and Kristen said...

I love your pictures!! It makes me anxious to go to St.George in June. My husbands family has a time share and has been going every year since he was a little boy, and now we get to bring our kids every once in a while, it's great!! We will have to try the Pizza Factory, we have never been! Sounds like you guys had fun!!

Emily Youngdell said...

Poor little Sophie, I hope she's feeling better. I love the slide show, that is really cute.

Anonymous said...

Poor Sophie! We hope she is feeling better soon. We'll see you guys this weekend.

April said...

I hope Sophie is feeling better. I am glad tht you were still able to have a good time. I like your pictures.

Cami said...

Oh, poor little baby! I bet you really enjoyed that WARMTH!
I love the photo show. It's totally charming.
I'm gonna talk Cam into a Southern Utah visit soon. It looks too too inviting!

KarsonK2 said...

Sounds like fun except for little Sophie, but kids are resilient. Hope we can join the fun next year.