Monday, April 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to McKay!!

McKay at his Peter Pan birthday party

McKay and Bryant (my nephew)

I made this cake! (Sorry you have to turn your head sideways.) I did have some help. Thanks Tiff!

McKay turned 4 yesterday! Where does the time go???

We celebrated with his friends and cousins by having a Peter Pan themed party. We practiced all the things needed to live in Neverland-following the leader, fighting villains, and treasure hunting. We had a birthday-drama moment but was quickly resolved. He loved having all his little friends over. When I asked him what the best part was, he told me "the cake!" No, it wasn't even the one pictured. We had cupcakes with a picture of Pan and some plastic swords stuck in them. Go figure. It has been a blast watching him go from forced playtime with Lyndsi that only involved Polly's and dollies to transforming cars to robots and making his sister play power rangers. So fun.

Sunday we had dinner with mom and dad and then Jeff's brother Tim and his family came up for cake and ice cream. We gave McKay a Leapster for his birthday and, boy, was he excited. It even overpowered the excitement of a cousin! (For a few minutes anyway.)


Jamie said...

That cake looks like it took a while. Star tips are great!

Emily Youngdell said...

That cake is amazing! Ange you are one talented lady.

Cami said...

I didn't even see that cake. Cute! My kids had a BLAST at the party. I had a lot of fun too with my little buddy Sophie.

Chad and Kristen said...

Angie, Austin had sooo much fun!! I am glad he got to get out and play with some little boys his age, who love peter pan as much as he does!!! Awesome Cake!!

Tams Family said...

Happy Birthday to McKay! Looks like you had a fun party. And great job on the cake!

April said...

Happy birthday to mckay. Lily is sad she missed it hopefully we will make it next year. Cute cake maybe you can help me make Lily's cake!