Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Babblings

Such a lame title.  Oh well.

Just hanging out in my room with Jeff's laptop, once again avoiding the work that needs to be done in the little girls room. I think I have managed to ignore it for two weeks now.  I go in there as little as possible.  The baby sleeps in the library in her pack and play for nap time, and there's a small cache of diapers on the main floor.  Today, though, I can avoid it no longer. Ugh.

Training for the Top of Utah half marathon is on-going and exhausting.  I'm up to 9 miles now and can run anywhere between a 9:45 mile/min and around 10:20.  Depends on who I'm running with.  I'm tired all day long, but a good hard-work kind of tired.  I am noticing benefits though and do enjoy the torture of running.  I'm getting stronger, faster, and leaner.  It's been fun.

The kids are on year-round school and will be starting next Tues.  I think end of July is a fabulous time for them to start.  Then again, they're only on-track for 3 weeks, so we'll get a extra bit of summer break later. 

Sophie starts Kindergarten this year.  I question this decision nearly daily, wondering if she really is old enough and prepared enough to take on being a kindergartner, most likely the youngest one in her class.  The only thing that keeps me sane about it is knowing it was a prompting.  Heavenly Father would not lead me or Sophie astray, so it's off to school she goes!

McKay just informed me there are only 117 days or 20 weeks and 40 days til Christmas.  Just in case you're wondering. 

Me?  I'm still enjoying summer.  I'm not thawed out enough to be anticipating Christmas just yet. Hasn't this been a beautiful, mild summer?  Loving it.

Ok.  Can't put it off much longer.  If I'm not back in 30 minutes, send someone in after me.