Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm really looking forward to sending my off-track kids back to school.  I've loved having them home (mostly), but I'm not getting any Christmas stuff done. Fortunately they go back on Monday.  Wahoo!!

Earlier this month we headed out to Denver to visit Jeff's parents.  Last time we drove I-70 there.  Yuck.  And I-80 back.  Double Yuck.  This time we flew.  Awesome.  The kids did spectacularly on the flight.  Even with the hour delay.  Going through airport security with 4 little kids is quite a feat, I'll tell you.  The kids were great.  Six people with one back pack each, plus laptop, plus purse, plus stroller is a lot of stuff.  It was totally worth it though to see the kids excitement through the whole process.  On the way home (a 7-something a.m. flight) we had several people compliment us on our well-behaved children and baby.  (Like I could control the baby's behavior. lol.)  If dirt cheap flights ever come up again, I'd fly with them again in a heart beat.

While there we took the kids back to the Natural History Museum.  This time we checked out an exhibit all about our bodies, health, etc. McKay loved it. No, he really loved it.  We went the first day and he asked to go back every day after.  We were able to take the girls to the American Girl store as well.  Let's just say there was a lot of love that weekend. :)  Sadly, we found out too late there is a Lego store in the same shopping center.  Next time, McKay.

How fun to run into good friends far from home.  Terry, our old neighbor, has been doing a lot of work in Denver.  Jeff called him up and invited him over for dinner.

And just for fun. Sophie was channeling her inner Lady Gaga.  Never mind the fact that she doesn't know who Gaga is. :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

1st Birthday- Twice!!

Chloe is one now.  Where did the time go?  It makes me a little sad that she's so big now.

Obviously she's a little sad about it, too.  But she is such a fun kid.  She loves to entertain our whole family.  She really loves to tease her big brother though.  And he eats it up.  :)  She's still crawling everywhere and toothless.  I'm ok with that.  She does stairs in both directions, cruises along the furniture, handles a sippy cup well and does a little baby jabber.  She is best at being the center of attention and pulling funny faces to make us laugh.

Chloe celebrated her birthday first with Gma and Gpa Maynes in Denver.  Jeff set a huge piece of cake down in front of her.  She poked around a little bit and then picked up the piece and started shoving it in her mouth.  It was Grandpa's favorite moment of our trip. :)

We celebrated again later with my parents.  She loved playing with the boxes before they were unwrapped, and playing with all her new things once they were unwrapped.  She cuddled her baby, read her books, and pushed lots of buttons. The exception would be the doll stroller/walker.  I think it scared her when it moved on her.  She still doesn't love it, but it will come.

We love our little Chlo-bug and are so glad she's a part of our family!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hello, sad little blog

I've missed you.  A lot.  While we've been apart, I've done lots of fun things.  Both with friends and family.  Like having silly Twilight parties

Going to the pumpkin patch:

A trip to the cabin:

Celebrating Halloween:

In between all the fun stuff and yummy food I get to eat this time of year, it's just been the same-ol' thing.  Homework, dance, soccer, piano.  Oh.  Not for me.  My kids do all these things.  I just mostly try to keep the mess to a minimum, hunger under control (theirs and mine-hehe), and some good quality time with this cute guy I kinda like. ;)  Lyndsi has started her orthodontic visits at the beginning of the month and just last week she had her expander put in.  She's not loving it.  It's hard to eat and talk, and she has a new slurping issue that didn't existed prior to her new appliances.  McKay is doing well in school and is reading Harry Potter.  Sophie couldn't be happier to be in kindergarten.  K-kids are the best!  And Chloe.  My sweet little angel.  She's so big and is so delightful to have around.  She loves to entertain us all!  It's been a great October.  We really should catch up more.  Maybe we can do lunch sometime?  Mwah!