Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Last Post Update

Lots of good things have happened since the last depressing post. :)  McKay had his first soccer game.  Jeff coached his first soccer game.  Sophie had her first friend birthday party (which is a really funny story). 

And last but  not least we had our first showing.  And our second.  And now a 3rd scheduled for tonight.  I have to say I've really enjoyed hearing my phone ring daily and hearing my realtor on the other end wanting to schedule another showing.  It's tough figuring out where I can go with 3 kids and a yappy dog for an hour, but I am SO happy to do it.  Last night I ended up at my mom's house hanging out with my brother and his friend. The kids always love playing at Grandma's and Grandpa's even if they're not home.  I got to visit with Greg and Linda for along time.  We all had a good time and lots of laughs.  Today, maybe we'll let the kids and dog go chase some ducks.  lol.  I wonder what the dog would do with ducks chasing us for food?  Oh-and here's a few pictures that are up on the MLS.  Obviously, the front of the house and one of the living room so you can all see our new carpet.  (Which we are enjoying and don't regret doing even if we moved tomorrow.)

Sorry if I'm overwhelming you with home selling stuff.  It's our life right now.  I'll work on getting a good soccer post up this week and one about my girl's bday. 

In the meantime, I do do other stuff. Like:

1. Made a Pinkalicious themed party outfit for Sophie
2. Read Mockingjay.
3. Working on reading Turn of the Screw for book club this week.
4. Getting ready to help teach another year of Joy Scool.
5. Dabbled in some cupcake decorating.
6. Seeing new movies. (Loved Eat, Pray, Love.  Then again, I loved the book.)
7. Getting ready for lots of other new things- Time Out for Women, Friday Frenzy, fall....
8. Teaching Lyndsi to sew (another post-she's gonna be good)

See? It's not all house stuff. :)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tender Mercies on a not-too-bad/not-too-good day

Today we had a showing appt. scheduled.  The second one we've had.  Oh yeah. And also the 2nd one that's cancelled.  It bummed me out.  Keeping house (even a nearly empty one) clean is hard work but add pregnancy on top of that. Ugh.  (Really.  Keeping house is not my thing.  I try to keep it up, but just enough.)  Anyway.  I've been feeling discouraged and the day has been kind of a downer.

It's not to say good things haven't happened because they have.  I would be naive and ungrateful not to recognize them as they are fairly obvious good things.  First, I'm in charge of gathering any volunteers needed for the PTA. 

TOMORROW is our fun run.  I was able to get at least 13 volunteers with barely any effort. Most of those came in response to a mass email and the few people I called and talked to were almost all willing to help out for the time I needed them.  If you don't think this is a tender mercy, you've never tried to get so many volunteers on such short notice. (Originally my goal was 8, and I ended up with 13!)

Next, smoothies are great.

My Dr. has suggested I eat more of them to help gain weight.  (Don't hate me.  It sucks to not have much of an appetite.)  Our good neighbor, Mr. Terry, who often calls in the afternoon to have the kids come get some sort of treat called today.  He said, "good! you're home.  I'm bringing you a smoothie."  It tasted fabulous.  And in reality up that point the most nutritious thing I'd eaten all day.  And it did make me feel better.

Lastly, I was begrudgingly reading a story to Sophie tonight.  She's been a stinker today and it was past her bedtime.  Of course she picks one of the longest books in her collection.  Funny enough it was one I'd never read before, despite the fact that we've had it since Lyndsi was in Kindergarten.  So, I started in on Lily and the Purple Plastic Purse.

Ok-so I softened when I was immediately drawn to the fun characters and a promising story line.  I watched as Lily got angry with her teacher and drew a mean-teacher picture when her new purse and accessories were taken away. And felt warm-hearted when she discovered her teacher left her a note in her purse when she received it at the end of the day.  Then I read the note.  And cried.  He told her

"Today was difficult.  Tomorrow will be better."

Suddenly I was out of the story receiving my own personal comfort.  I felt Heavenly Father reaching out to me through my daughter and her bedtime story.  And I felt love.

I'm so glad to have seen my little tender mercies. Some days they make all the difference.

Cabin Fever

The cure:

1. Dutch oven cooking.  Yum-o!

2. Cherry/Chocolate cobbler and s'mores for dessert

3. Toys, indoor slides, and games

4.  Beautiful night skies full of stars

5.  A moon so bright no flashlights necessary

6.  Late nights because nobody thought to wear a watch (or look at the one that was worn)

7.  Hot breakfast-scones, hash browns, bacon, OJ....(camping food is the best!)

8.  Eagles Nests, hills, mountains, petroglyphs, empty water bottles=2 big hikes

9.  Rope swinging

10.  Taco salads

11. Water balloons

12.  Smiles, giggles, and more!

Sadly, lots of great pictures will not be appearing on my list of things I did.  Brought the camera.  Didn't bring extra batteries. :(  Oh well. Next time.

Monday, August 16, 2010

100 Days

In 100 days I will be:

Facing sleepless nights in the face
Watching the laundry pile up
Enjoying the "how unpregnant I look" comments more fully
Teaching 3 kids how to carefully hold a newborn
Snuggling a precious pink bundle
Resume the eat, change, sleep schedule from nearly 4 yrs ago
Taking a million pictures
Laughing at how one more little Maynes wrapped Jeff around a tiny little finger

That's right.  Only 100 days left till the baby is due!  I think I can make it. :)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day of School

Here they are, ready to go!

Lyndsi starting 3rd grade.  2 1/2 weeks in she's loving her teacher, doing well with the curriculum and homework increase. 

McKay started 1st grade.  The only negative effect I've seen is he's SO tired by about 6:30.  He loves his teacher too, and is doing really well with the all day schedule and eating lunch at school.  He's only asked to take lunch from home once.

Sophie.  I'm not sure she's even noticed anyone is gone.  :)  She's had friends to play with, sole control of the TV, and errands to run with mom. 

Me?  I'm doing good. I've been really busy and am amazed at how clean the house stays when your kids are only there for a few hours. :) I'm not ready for them to be off track next week because of some projects I have going, but they're ready for a little break.  It will be nice for them to let it all settle in and catch their breath. 

Monday, August 2, 2010


is in full swing now. 

I have some fun "1st day of school" pictures I'd like to post and write about and a few other things, but the nesting instinct is dictating life right now.  :)  Just this morning I've already washed kitchen walls and cleaned out 1 closet.  (Well, half of one.  I did the other half last week.)  I've got plans to tackle the "under the stairs" closet before lunch.  Hoping to find a bunch of DI items or throw-away items in that one.  Not that I want to wish myself a collector of such junk. It would just be nice to not feel like I need to hold on to the mess-causers that lurk within that particular closet. 

After that, I've got a list of other household projects to work on through out the coming weeks, not to mention my baby to-do list.  That one is a little more fun.  Quilts,  shopping, fun things to do with our family as it is now, more sewing, etc.  Halloween and Christmas are already weighing down on my mind.  Especially Christmas.  Mind you, this is all in addition and on top of what I already need to be doing like regular housework, training kids to clean and practice and read without my encouragement and prodding, cooking dinner (when really, all I want is homemade fresh peach pie), playing chauffer, etc. 

Well, I've armed myself with my little Sansa Fuze, a glass of water and just might grab that handy dandy little timer.  Guess I'll get to work now. :)