Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Disneyland Part 2

Ok-it's been awhile since I made a Disneyland post. We went in November, posted once, and never wrote about it again. Until today that is.

Before we left, I wanted to make the kids some autograph books. I'd heard about different ideas various crafty friends and done and seen some of them. I ended up combining 3 ideas. This is what I got:

Inside I wanted places for the characters to sign (the whole purpose of the book). I also wanted a place to put pictures. I thought it might make my efforts a little more worthwhile if they got something more than just signatures.

The books were a hit at Disneyland. I even had a few cast members ask where I had bought them. Today when I actually (finally) put the pictures in, the kids were beyond excited. They have been talking Disney ever since-which rides they loved, which they will never go on again, and all the great people they met.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Once There Was a Snowman Tall, Tall, Tall

In the sun he melted small, small, small.

I have been loving having the temperatures rising and had to laugh when I went outside with the kids and saw the remains of our snowman!

We have spent so much more time outdoors lately. We've spent several days coloring on the driveway and riding bikes and racing cars down the driveway-one advantage to a sloped driveway! I even got most of the Christmas lights down! Jeff should be able to get the rest down on Saturday when a little more snow has melted. The kids are super excited for spring. If you ask Lyndsi when spring will be here she'll tell you, "It's right around the corner!" They can't wait for trips to St. George, swimming, and camping. I'm just glad I can get away with a jacket now instead of a coat! Here's some pictures from Presidents' Day:

Grandma and McKay drawing puffy white clouds.
Lyndsi and one of our flowers we drew to encourage spring to come!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Question of the Day

What do you do when your kids are driving you crazy? Besides having my house torn upside down to get the carpets cleaned (wouldn't that be cool if you could really hang furniture from the ceiling for things like that?), I decided it was high time to get McKay's art work off the walls. Those of you who've been here know I'm talking about more than merely taking a piece of paper down. No, McKay's art work is applied directly to the wall. I spent an hour scrubbing the wall with only partial success and then (bless his heart) found several nicks in the walls from "driving" his cars. I finally gave up and decided it would be better if mom just threw the crayons away, locked up anything else you can write with, and repaint the walls. Dad's going to Hawaii soon. It just might happen...

(File photo McKay and his art)

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I though I had managed to escape the annual longing (aka homesickness) for St. George that usually hits this time of year. Despite all the snow, I felt good. I was really feeling at home. Then this morning I was leaving Target and BAM! It hit. Fortunatley, it's not a severe case like the last 2 years, but honestly I do miss it there. 365 days of pure blue skies and deliciously warm sunshine. Red rocks and green trees. Seriously, when I first started school there back in 98 (gulp) I thought to myself, "I am living in a rainbow!" It may sound a little cheesy, but if you know me at all, it fits.

Part of this was brought on by a visit this weekend from our good friends, Wendy and Jeremy. I've known Wendy since we started college (French class) and Jeremy almost as long. When we had kids we traded babysitting frequently and worked and played together as well. Jeff and Jeremy clicked right off the bat and have been good friends since I introduced them. Really, these people are more like family than friends.

Some of it was brought on by memories of other friends and neighbors. Emily, Amy, and Erika and I used to look forward to a new year because it meant birthday season!!! The four of us would go out to dinner, maybe a movie and spoil the birthday girl with presents. Randi and Krystal were the best next-door neighbors ever, something I miss up here. We had kids the same age who loved playing together and we'd sit and visit for hours while they played.

Really, I'm very sentimental (in case you didn't pick up on that) and even shopping can trigger homesickness. I love going to Target, especially the one in the District. It reminds me of shopping in St. George. If I'm really homesick, I can almost imagine I'm there. Maybe heading to Michaels or the dollar store next. Pathetic. I know.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Quite the Story Teller

While we were on our way home from swimming lessons this morning, McKay asked if I wanted to hear his story (an oft asked question around here). Here's his story (roughly):

"There were spooky scary skeletons and it got darker and darker and darker. And the Jesus came and it got lighter. Then Jesus had to go to church as fast as he could. And then church was over and He was sad because he had to leave the church. And then the angel came and asked 'what's the problem?' Then the spooky scary skeletons came and killed Jesus and the angel and the hearts were broken." (I think in the end the skeletons were killed when Jesus and the angel came back to life if I remember right.)

For a little boy who cannot sit still to save his life, he has sure absorbed a lot! He may have gotten some details off, but I'm thinking he's starting to grasp the concepts a lot better than I ever gave him credit for!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I wish you all lived near my so I could share these yummy popcoron balls with you. Since I can't, click on my kitchen site and you can have the recipe. (Thanks Brittnee!) Growing up my mom had the annoying habit of making a billion (I'm not exaggerating) sugar cookies and it was my job to help frost them all and help deliver them to our friends and neighbors. As luck would have it, old habits die hard. I found myself wanting to do something domestic for some of our friends and neighobrs. After seeing this recipe on my cousin's blog and then again being made on TV show, I had to try it. They are sooo good! (I did my a raspberry flavor. Mmmm....) McKay came up and saw them. Instantly he started singing, "Popcorn Popping." I had to laugh. What a kid. Go make these and enjoy them with your loved ones. (Bonus-they're quick and easy!!!)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Happy Birthday, Lyndsi!!

I can't believe she is 6!! She has been so excited for this birthday. Friday we had her girl cousins over for a "late-over" (aka pretend sleepover). We popped balloons for prizes, did make overs, danced, ate pizza, did pedicures, made princess pillows and, of course, watched Hannah Montana. The girls were so cute and willing to do everything. There were giggles galore!! This morning, Sunday, the "birthday fairy" left Lyndsi a cute new top to wear to church. Her primary teachers gave her some play jewelry and colored pencils. (So sweet of them.) Afterwards, we had Grandma and Grandpa Ard and Greg for a birthday BBQ, presents, and cake and ice cream. This little girl made out pretty well. I'd say her 2 favorite things were the princess suitcase and her leapster. The last one had me a little worried, but she was excited from the get-go. It must have just looked cool because when I asked her if she knew what it was she said no. When I told her it was for playing games, she turned it on and hardly turned it off all night. It was very cute. I'd like to call her spoiled, but she doesn't act that way. All week long she was asking me what toys she could give away knowing that she would get more and doesn't need all of them. Anyway. It was a great day.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Day

I have lived in this snowy valley for all of but 7 years of my life. I'm somewhat used to snowy days, and of course, the much anticipated snow days. I've had a few memorable ones in my life. My favorite was in high school. We were at an early morning devotional, listening to a blind man teach us something gospel oriented. All of a sudden the stake center we were meeting in went black. Power outage. The speaker just laughed and joked that we got to see things as he does now (which made for neat meeting). The power continued to stay off through a few periods of school and eventually we were sent home. This snow storm takes the cake. We had a snow day from church! Never had that before, but it was nice to enjoy the day at home with my family.

Here we are enjoying our 10 inches of snow (give or take-depending on the location of the drifts). Jeff decided we needed to build a snow fort and then we got tired. So, we started building a snow man. I decided it was time for my day of rest so I parked myself on the swing where I decided I could easily fall asleep. McKay kept offering me delicious treats of snow fish, snow pizza, and the like.

When I was a kid, I detested the snow. Sure, it was pretty to look at, especially when it was snowing outside and I was curled up inside, but play in it? No thanks! When we moved up here, my goal was to learn to enjoy being out in the snow-mainly so we didn't get cabin fever in the winter and it's a proven fact that the more my McKay is inside, the more artwork adorns the walls. (I told Jeff the other day that we should live in a cave. Then people would expect drawings on the walls!) I found the trick this year to keeping everyone happy outside in the snow. Snow clothes and boots and waterproof gloves! (The last one is crucial.) I know that sounds dumb, but it was so much more fun than I ever remember as a kid. Of course, the fact that is was 41 degrees instead of 27 didn't have anything to do with it.....