Saturday, June 28, 2014

Some Saturdays are pure perfection. I woke up this morning, lounging in bed enjoying a near perfect temperature in my room. Perfect for lounging. I did convince myself to not linger long though. The kids pitched in to clean the house and did great. Chloe was crabby but after a little cuddle time she fell asleep. Jeff's off reading a book. The kids are outside playing. I managed to sneak a few minutes and paint my toes. These are the things I wanted when I dreamed of being at this stage of motherhood. Loving the peaceful moments today. 

Monday, June 2, 2014


I've wanted a lush, productive garden since we had our own yard to put one in.  Sadly, my former attempts at gardening have been pathetic.  I do really well at first but seem to lose steam as the summer progresses. Thankfully, as my babies have gotten a little bit older and more self-reliant, I've been able to do more in my garden.  I'm learning as I go and each year the ol' garden gets better and better.  I still hold to my thought that gardening is a very expensive education.  ;)

A couple of years ago we decided to jump on the square foot gardening band wagon and it really has made a huge difference for us.  Here are this years boxes and some non-boxes:

Last year we planted green beans and almost as soon as they sprouted leaves, they were eaten by bugs.  I learned my lesson and sprayed them early, though some still were nibbled on.  Our tomatoes are growing like weeds. I started with 6 plants and have since added 3 more with plans to do at least 1 or 2 more.  We had excellent luck with the jalapenos last year, so I planted one again.  I also got brave and tried a banana pepper.  Not a huge pepper fan, but willing to try new things. ;)  We have the usual pumpkins, zucchini (a novice gardener favorite because it requires no work hehe), cucumber, yellow squash, spaghetti squash, cantaloupe and even some watermelon.  I have a couple of boxes that are empty.  I may try some more things or more of something we've already planted.  Oh!  Last year I bought some strawberry bulbs on clearance.  They did ok but not fabulous.  I left them alone and now they're doing great!  I think in the next year or two a good portion of that box will be strawberry plants.

Jeff and I also really would like to cultivate some good fruit trees.  Our yard came with a peach and a cherry tree.  Last year I got my first bowl full of cherries.  Surprisingly worm free and very yummy!  The peach tree has always produced delicious peaches, but they're cling peaches. :(  Not much good for canning.  This year we planted a second peach tree that is a free stone.  It's just a baby, but came with a lady bug.  That's definitely a good omen, right?  We also have a couple of apple trees we're trying to learn about.

Besides the new peach tree, we added a berry box this year.

I got some starts from a friend.  A little sad looking now, but we'll see how they do.  She promised me more in the fall when it's a better time to transplant them.  Hooray!