Sunday, August 16, 2015

3 more weeks of summer!

The kids have been in school for 3 weeks and now I get them back to myself for 3 more weeks!  I have big plans.  We'll see how much we get done, but hopefully we'll get a good portion of it.

3 Week Dream to-do list:
1. Sewing "camp" with Sophie
2. Jurrasic World with McKay
3. Clean the house.
4.  Lots of swimming
5. Snow cones
6. Library time
7. Finish Anne of Green Gables with Soph so we can watch the movie.
8. Finish Soph's birthday gifts
9. Send McKay to Grandpa for a "boys week" with his best cousin, Bry.
10. A little camping

Between their schedules and mine it may be tough to fit it all in, but we are sure going to try! Thankfully camps are all over now and piano hasn't quite started yet.  That should help. :)