Thursday, April 10, 2008


Wasn't Conference wonderful? I heard so many talks where I was "Yes! That is what I need to hear right now!!" None affected me so much as Elder Ballard's talk, though. (I'm sure I'm not alone in this.) I was laughing so hard I was almost crying when he talked about having to sit through sacrament with 6 kids while his wife led the music. When he spoke to the little kids about what they could do for their mommies, both my kids perked right up (after mom and dad nudged them). More on that in a second. His approach to motherhood was so different from previous talks by general authorities. I loved how it got into the nitty-gritty parts of motherhood instead of just the sweet parts. I felt completely understood and comforted that others know what I (ok-we :) ) are going through.

It seemed to me that Conference seemed to be on a much more personal level this time around, too. Personal story one right after another. Maybe I was just paying closer attention, but I didn't feel like it was the large group setting that is really is.

Back to the kids now-They did fabulous. McKay sat through about 2-2 1/2 sessions quietly (mostly) and Lyndsi sat through all 4!! In fact, she was anxious for it come on after each break. I actually finished the flash cards I mentioned in an earlier post-lamination and all. I put them on some rings so they could flip through them. Boy, did they work! Every time a new speaker came on they asked if he was "in the book." They found everyone that spoke in the general sessions. By the 4th session they didn't even need to ask if he was in the book. They knew and if it was someone not in there, they would watch for something he was wearing (i.e. red tie, glasses, hair color). The best though, was to hear their conversation after Elder Ballard's talk. McKay had run down stairs to tell me that he should pick up his toys, and this and that and then gave me a big hug and kiss. Lyndsi and McKay started talking about it and Lyndsi exclaimed, "I've never had a prophet speak right to me!" (How old is this kid? She's growing up so fast.) I love and am so glad they recognize that these men are called of God and that they speak for him to us. By Monday I thought they would've forgotten the little they learned, but no. They have been wonderful helpers all week long-not only helping but doing so willingly. Last night at dinner McKay started laughing and said something like, "Do you remember when that guy said 'Don't let daddy touch the microwave!' " Then he laughed some more. I guess something is getting in their little heads.


Emily Youngdell said...

I loved conference too. Elder Ballard's talk was obviously also my favorite. I feel like I get more out of conference every year.

Jamie said...

I had Maxine listen extra hard when he started addressing the kids too. I love conference.