Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Sophie Equation

Cute cheeks + darling dimple + amazing eyelashes + over all cuteness and sweetness = Sophie, right????

Ha! That only adds up to being able more easily get away with her little mischief!!

Here she is showing how well she remembers Dad's last FHE lesson (on music) where we learned that we can turn anything into a musical instrument. She got all of the silverware, piece by piece, out of the drawer and dropped it to hear the clattering noises it made. This was all very entertaining until she accidentally grabbed an entire handful and realized they made an altogether different noise when she shook them and mixed them around (crazy-like) on the counter and then ended with the big finally of throwing it all on the floor. As you can see, when she finished with the silverware, she tried to move on to the bibs. Fortunately for the other kids and I, bibs make very little music. The 10-minute concert was accompanied by Sophie's giggles and squeals of delight.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Running A Marthon

Ok-it's not really a marathon. It's a 5K. When I mention that I'll be running one, I almost always call it a marathon, though. I have decided that it is because I am not a runner and both sound insanely impossible to my non-athletic self. However, last year Jeff set a goal to run a 5k and I joined in on the goal thinking it would be something fun to do together. As luck would have it, our stake instituted an annual 5k run that very year. I worked somewhat hard and Jeff not at all. The day of the race came around and we ended up having to do the race with 3 kids (one sill a baby). Strollers in hand, we proceeded with the run and came in with a time of somewhere around 46 minutes. Not too bad for a family of 5 (and 3 were sitting the whole way). This year will be different.

My friend, Jen, and I have started running. During our first run last week she announced that our goal was to run the stake's 5k in 30 minutes or less. Gulp. I didn't think it'd be possible, but surprisingly, I'm doing much better than I'd hoped for. Our first run was 2 miles in about 31 min. and today we did 2.5 miles in the same amount of time. I ran more today than before and was able to push myself harder than before. For the first time ever, I felt a huge (to me) burst of speed when I thought I couldn't go on anymore. It was a pleasant surprise, especially the last burst. I didn't know my body was capable of that sort of speed. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Pick-me Up

Not quite sure how to upload a video from You-tube, so you'll have to click on the link.

This song makes me feel better when I'm having a rough day (or not) every time I hear it. Sorry country haters-it's country, but give a try anyway. ;)

Locked Doors

This morning I asked Lyndsi to let the dog out for a minute. Here's the ensuing conversation:

Lyndsi: The door is locked!

Mom: We lock it at night.

Lyndsi: Why do we lock it at night?

Mom: So people can't come in.

Lyndsi: Oh...Right....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Black Apple doll

I was checking Jill's website (link to the right) a week or so ago and saw this adorable little doll and had to make one. I had to improvise-not wanting to go to the store-on some of her, but she turned out cute still. Originally, she was intended for Sophie, but Lyndsi was the one who latched on. (I can't get Soph to play with anything besides her bear and binky.) It was a fairly easy project and fun. Jill has the link to the pattern on her site if anyone wants to make one.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


All my fellow twilight fans-the movie trailer is now available and it looks awesome! I am counting down the days until Dec. 12. Anyone up for a girls nite out that night? :)

Random Happiness

My next door neighbors have this gigantic cherry tree that only blossoms every other year. When it blossoms it is GORGEOUS! I may not have the same cherry trees as the U of Washington or Washington D.C., but I do have one heck of a tree to look at!

These little ladies pop up every spring out back by my favorite pair of quakies. They just have "Alice In Wonderland" written all over them, don't they?

McKay has been sick for a while (thank you, Sophie) and consequently ornery and a little whiny. Last night he played his little T-ball game with all the enthusiasm of a 4-year-old which hopefully means he is quickly on the mend. This is him reaching 3rd base and giving it his customary stomp. :)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Oh Baby!

Over the weekend Jeff's brother, his wife, and their new baby came to stay with us, which means, I finally got to hold one of my oh-so cute nieces! I've already informed Miss Gabby that I am to be her favorite auntie. (Lyndsi is holding my cute little flower up there.) She was so good the whole time she was here. She didn't wake me up even once! What a girl. It was so much fun to have Andy and Lisa here too.

Sunday we all caravaned up to Logan to Miss Tess blessed. Where Gabby is sweet and cuddly, Tess is a little (lot) more wiggly and sweet. Lyndsi's favorite part was having Neal and Karamie invite her to sit with them during the meeting and hold little Tess. Neal gave a beautiful blessing and Karamie bore an equally beautiful testimony. I'm so excited I have 3 more sisters to share this crazy-wonderful ride called motherhood! (McKay has Tess up there.)

Of course, I had to include a picture of my own goofy baby (way past the sweet, cuddly stage). She was quite jealous when she was ousted out of her throne by such small little things. That is, until she realized she had her uncles' full and adoring attention. :)


A couple of weeks ago, our neighbor "uncle Terry" called and asked me to have the kids draw him a picture. His company was sponsoring an Earth Day art contest and he wanted to get the kids in on it. Fastforward to a week later and they won! (Ok-there weren't a lot of entries, to everyone won. But still!) Not that they needed new toys, but it was a fun experience for them not to mention interesting to see what they drew.

That same week (when they entered the contest) Lyndsi was notified that she would be receiving the "Principal's Pride" award. She got the actual award in a little ceremony (along with the 20 or so other kids that earned it that week) and along with it received a free kids meal to both Applebee's and Archibald's and some free playtime at Classic fun center.

Way to go kids!!