Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Totally Random and Completely Sentimental

I think about people way too much. I'm not referring to current friends/family that may need help or that I just love to pieces, but people from my past who have touched me. I think part of my brain cannot stand not knowing what happened to them and if they're doing well. It was in this attitude I was looking for a wedding announcement of a friend from years ago because I forgot both her husband's name and her married name. Seriously. Finding old girlfriends is almost next to impossible. Anyway. I was looking through some things and found these pictures that I love and wanted to share. I'm sure that there will be more to come as this is the year of the "10-YEAR-REUNION!" Scary, I know.

*Disclaimer: I have a new scanner and absolutely no idea how to work it. My right brained mind just decided to take pictures of my pictures. So not 2008.

Jeff and I always have our sunglasses on, thus ruining any cute, otherwise frameable picture. (Like the best family one from Disney last year. Sigh.)

This is one of my bridal pics. My aunt was the photographer and now I have all the negatives! This is one of my most favorite pictures of myself ever.

This is my absolute favorite picture of my dad. We were camping somewhere in the early years of our marriage (way before I had a digi camera) when I snapped this fun pic. What is happier than a fisherman with a freshly caught fish?

These next 2 photos are of my friend Ines Kaphan. We met at the start of Senior year. She was an exchange student from Germany that I and many others love dearly. Communication was tricky at the start, but as soon as I figured out a "beautiful welly" was, we were great! (Translation: Beautiful Valley. Can't tell you how long that one took me.) She was a doll. I should share more about her, but I'll save that for a future post.


Cami said...

Fun, fun pictures!

Emily Youngdell said...

CUTE!!!! I love seeing pictures from your past. Post some more!! By the way our wedding dresses look a ton alike. Cute post.

Chad and Kristen said...

I love your pictures!!! We got the invite! I was going to be calling today to RSVP and then time got away from me. Austin was way excited and has been carrying around the invite everywhere!! (He was Peter Pan for Halloween) And on the 26th we are having a Tinkerbell party for Alyssa....thanks for thinking of him. He picked out his gift today, so hopefully he remembers its not for him and will let it go to give to Mckay!! See you Saturday!

MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

You are a super beauty!

Melissa Ash said...

Oh I loved Ines!!! How fun to see pictures of her and be reminded of what a neat experience it was to see her baptized in the Great Salt Lake!!! So fun! Thanks for the memories!