Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Peaches for Me!

For Family Night we planted our first fruit tree.

Step one: Dig hole.

Step Two: Remove rocks.  (Sophie and McKay had a blast playing with the rocks.  Thought I'd got a picture of it, but I guess not)

Step Three: Fill hole with baby tree and pack with dirt.

Here she is!

Now, if it can survive the shock, we just may get a few peaches this year.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

In Which McKay Turns 6

How did my sweet, chubby 8 lb 3 oz baby go from here:

To here?! 

No matter.  McKay is a very lovable little guy.  He always tells me how pretty I am and smothers we with hugs and kisses.  He's a protector to his sisters and a handyman helper to his dad.  He loves playing games and throwing any ball with his dad.  He is really getting into "boy time" with Dad and looks forward to trips to the cabin where he is ALL boy.  He is doing really well at reading, math and handwriting in school.  Today his teacher stopped and praised him up and down for those things which I thought was very nice of her.  He is a friend to everyone which can get him in trouble when he's supposed to be doing other things.  How can I be mad at him for that, though?  :)  He loves playing the piano and is doing really well.  He is also looking forward to his 2nd season of soccer this fall and trying basketball in the winter. 

The poor kid, however, has a CPA for a dad, which usually isn't a bad thing-unless your bday falls 2 days before the biggest tax deadline of the year.  As a mom I feel I have to put just a bit more effort into making his day extra special so he doesn't feel forgotten.  Yesterday I think we suceeded.  After lunch, I took McKay and his best buddy to see How to Train Your Dragon.  The trip was topped off with their own popcorn, drink and candy.  Perfect movie for little boys who love adventure.  We came home afterwards for some cake, ice cream and playtime.

That night my parents came over for his bday dinner-chicken sandwiches, strawberry jell-o and fries.  We did more presents.  I was really surprised and pleased with how gracious my little boy was.  He was so excited with everything he opened and was sure to thank everyone. 

He is such a great kid and I feel so blessed to have him be in my family.  Love you bud!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Muse: The Resistance Tour

**Updated with new pictures Cami took.  You'll get a good idea how close we ended up.

Sigh.........Smile..........Greatest night ever.

A few rules I learned while seeing the most awesome band perform live (and a mere 10 feet from where I stood):

1.  There is no such thing as personal space. At all. 

2.  It is possible to be so excited that you very nearly pee your pants (allegedly).
(Cami took this of the whole band.  It was just awesome.  Am I repeating myself?)
3.  And then hyperventillate.  (We'll blame that one on the over heated-ness due to rule 1.)

4.  The mosh pit is a must.  Whether you want to or not. 

5.  Where ever you are sitting before the show starts, you will inevitably move 5 feet closer to the stage once the show starts.

(Another one of Cami's photos-That guy on stage is Chris W.  the bass guitarist/backup vocals.  We were so close!)

6.  There is no other place to be than on the floor. 

Seriously.  This was the best night ever.  Thanks Cami for sharing it with me!!!!

Oh-and I was very happy to see this guitar made familiar to me by their H.A.R.R.P. dvd.  Something about the red guitar with glittary stripes....:)

So, now I have a couple of questions for you. What's the best concert you've been to?  Have you seen your dream band/singer live?