Saturday, December 10, 2011


Last Sunday our Sunday School lesson was from Revelations. I noticed the teacher constantly referring our need to overcome. It was one of those lessons that feels specifically for you-or rather me in this case. I love it when someone says something in a way that changes my perspective.

Because of that lesson I've been working on "overcoming" this week. Overcoming clutter. My Christmas to-do list. Sin and mistakes. A sore knee. My dislike of making my kids cold lunch. It's been good. Overcoming I'm finding requires change, though. Never an easy thing. Not only do you have to remember that you are trying to be different and better but you have to actually do something about it. Constantly. Even when you don't want too. Even when it seems impossible. But you do it because you have reached a level of commitment with yourself where there is no going back.