Friday, June 29, 2012

Kiev (not Ukraine) and Keane

I love a good  concert.  Sometimes I lack the words to describe them.  

 Cami and I anxiously awaiting the arrival of Keane

The band Kiev kept us entertained while we waited.  They were pretty good.  Their sound (at least live) is slightly reminiscent of Mute Math. (Another fabulous concert I attended this year)

The album they were promoting.  I like it.  Full of hope, despite sounding somewhat like a break up album. Favorite song: Disconnected.  If you like scary movies you should check out their video for this, but if scary movies haunt you (haha), don't watch it.  The song, though, is not scary.  Just the video.

Tom Chaplin, lead singer.  Beautiful voice.  Gracious and kind entertainer.  (Thoroughly enjoyed the enthusiam of the Salt Lake crowd- which was pretty lively)  

Kiev and me.  We met up with them at the end of the concert.  Nice guys.  Sorry we ran away like star-struck 12 year old girls.  Hey.  Keane started up with their encore.  Can you blame us? 

Love Keane and had been looking forward to this concert since I heard they were coming.  Keane did not disappoint.  They had lots of good energy, the singing was amazing, and listening to the lead singer talk...sigh...(hey, he's British.)  ;)  

In case you haven't heard them, and are interested, here ya go:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Grandpa's Cabin

Without much planning, we decided to head down to Jeff's family cabin for a couple of days.  The kids, like always were thrilled.  Planning even an overnight trip can be stressful. (Can I get an Amen! from you moms? :)  This time around it wasn't.  I didn't make a list let alone check it twice.  I did make dinner ahead of time at home with the intent of warming it up when we arrived.  (Worked like a charm, btw.)  We played and played and had a blast.  

Eating our yummy pre-made chicken and stuffing dinner with  corn muffins.

My beautiful, independent baby playing in the red ants.

Who plays miniature golf at a cabin in the middle of nowhere?  We do!  (Thanks Grandpa!)

I love when they start posing for pictures. :)

Still posing....Just cooler now.

Good morning!  Love the view from the front porch.

6 people and 1 dog finally finished 9 holes of Frisbee Golf.  Only 4 Frisbees actually survived.  Sorry Grandpa. 

After watching everyone else have a turn on the rope swing, Chloe insisted she have a turn, too.  She loved it!

Lyndsi was our big helper of the day, getting her  Sophie on and off the rope.

McKay trying his hand at archery.  A bow and arrow has now reached the top of  his Christmas list.  

Monday, June 18, 2012

Bells Canyon

A couple of Saturdays ago Jeff and I took the kids hiking. His friend at work had told him about this hike in Bell's Canyon that went to a hidden lake.  So.  We grabbed some snacks and water and headed to the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The kids did really well and had lots of fun.  Even Chloe had a good time.  The kids made some walking sticks over memorial weekend and got lots of compliments on them from the other hikers.  McKay was wishing we had a canoe to row on the lake.

I think we'll find some other family-friendly hikes to take them on this summer.