Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Magnolia Story

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I just finished this book and I loved it. The book reads like a comfortable conversation with friends. The Gaines' faith in God is inspiring and I was so impressed at not only how faithful they were when they needed help but how diligent they are and how quick they are to recognize his hand in all things. I love, love, love their work ethic as business people, as a couple and as parents.  It was great read for me as I prepare to take on 2017.  I had already decided I want work to play a bigger role in my life and my family's and this has definitely been a push in the right direction.

I love finding couples (and individuals) who make me want to be better.  I felt better just being around them in their book.  They don't shy away from the bad stuff but are able to look at it without despair and negativity.  How they work together as a couple = life goals. :)

Definitely a book I will reread in the future.  (I actually ended up pulling out a highlighter because I kept finding little gems that I want to incorporate in my own home.)