Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Happy Hogwarts Day!

I mean birthday....

Sometimes having a birthday in April with a CPA for a father looks like it's going to be a disappointment, especially when your mom informs you that you'll have to celebrate a day early because everyone will be too busy on your actual birthday.

To make up for it, mom serves pancakes with sprinkles and frosting for breakfast

Spends too much time (having too much fun) working on wands for you and 9 of your closest friends

Who all gather at your house after school on a Friday for a special Harry Potter themed birthday party.

We began with the first year tradition  The Sorting Hat. The boys sat on a stool and had the Hat placed on their heads.  Reaching into a bag, they pulled out a badge with a house Coat of Arms on it and a bit of information about what it means to be in that house.


Next- Two houses attended Seeker training on the Quidditch pitch while the other houses attended Potions class with Professor Bradley.

Seeker training was taken very seriously.  Each boy learned the fundamentals of good seeking and had opportunities to run run several drills and participate in at least one scrimmage

Potions with Professor Bradley.  Several loud explosions could be heard throughout the school and all the way to the Quidditch field.  Thankfully no one was had to be taken to the hospital wing.

What would a Harry Potter party be without having a Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Bean tasting?
Hmm...A Nice strawberry one....

And presents!  Trying out some standard first year magic with his new wand, "Lumos!"

Herbology: Transplanting (edible) mandrakes.  (Cookie crumbs, cake crumbs and chocolate pudding)

The headmaster sent down butter beer to help refresh everyone as well.

Since it was such a special occasion, the boys were allowed a privilege generally reserved for 3rd years and older- a trip to Honeydukes Sweet Shoppe! Chocolate frogs, acid pops, licorice wand and more.

Hmmm...Maybe a tax season birthday isn't so bad after all.

Happy birthday McKay!!!!!