Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Playroom Poll

It's been a long while since I've done a poll.   I've been wondering about the effectiveness of having a playroom, hence the poll to the right.  Always, sometimes, never type surveys never tell the whole story, so feel free to share what works for your family and what doesn't with the kids play spaces.  Thanks!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Visiting Grandpa

My grandpa is not doing well.  My mom suggested that we might want to go visit, just in case.  Jeff and I decided to take the kids over last night and I'm so glad we did. 

Grandpa is at the point where the main goal is to just keep him comfortable.  He's on oxygen and seemed to wheeze quite a bit.  My parents visited with him on Friday and Mom said he barely said two words the whole time.  When we got there he was watching the end of Bonanza with my grandma. We handed the baby over to Grandma (she's a baby-lover for sure!).  As soon as Grandpa saw Chloe, he perked right up, playing with the baby, cooing at her, singing to her.  He held her without dropping her, even though she was a little heavy for his frail muscles.  Chloe was so good for him, too.  She was bright eyed and showed no anxiety being held by a strange old man with tubes strapped to his face. I'm really glad we took the time to go visit.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Denver Day 1-
Leave Salt Lake.
Sleep at Cabin.

Day 2-
Stop at Colorado National Monument

Clean up car sickness.
Drive some more.
Arrive and bombard G'ma and G'pa with noise and hugs.
Tour the mission home, pick rooms and explore the neighborhoods.
Float "submarines" down little stream and catch them further down

Day 3-
Go for 2 mile run in unfamiliar neighborhood.  (But Jeff came, so it counts as a date, right?)
Head to Denver Museum of Science and Something or other
Enjoy space, dinosaur, mummy, and animal exhibits.

View of the Denver skyline from inside the museum

Visit downtown LDS chapel, State Capital bldg, and the 16th street mall

Playing one of the many pianos down the middle of the 16th Street mall.
Toured some of the mission area
Play Disney Apples to Apples

Day 4-
Attend sacrament meeting.
Listen to Pres. and Sis. Maynes give wonderful missionary talks.
Lazed around out of doors and in on a beautiful, sunny, warm afternoon.
Toured the temple grounds.

Day 5-
Hiked in and around Red Rock Amphitheater

Picnicked at local park

Took the kids swimming (minus Pres. and Sis Maynes)

Day 6-
Said goodbye.
Met up with Uncle Andy
Drove through windy So. Wyoming.
Thought most of it was pretty (til So. Western WY)
Stopped in Coalville for ice cream
Delighted by the "locals" hanging out for their afternoon coffee.

Arrived home safe and sound.