Sunday, January 17, 2010

Little Tidbits

And I'm immediately thinking pineapple! 

I'm already off topic. :)

Anyway.......We've been working on our basement years now.  A huge part of the hold up is deciding what to do with the ceiling in the craft/laundry room.  It's a mess of all kinds of pipes and wires, most of which aren't tucked up neatly between the beams.  Shudder...My mom eventually volunteered my handy man dad to come put up a suspended ceiling for me (thereby clearing up clutter from her house since he had the supplies laying around).  We also had to wire a light in.  There was an existing feature in the laundry portion of the room, but my craft area was a dark corner.  Lots of time hanging with my dad and a week later:

Ta-da!  We have light!  And a ceiling.  Wahoo!!There's still a bit to be done, like sheet rocking one wall, taping and mudding another wall, painting, adding a door to the bathroom and flooring throughout.  It'll get done.  Eventually.

I also (partly in thanks to my wonderful new lighting) finished my first goal of the year.  I finished scrapbooking our Disneyland trip (from 07).  The goal was to have it finished before this coming weekend (as in the 22-23 of Jan) before my big scrapbooking crop that I'm attending.  Honestly, I'm done with 07. I just need to get a few holiday pictures out of the way and that year will finally be history.

Last, but not least.  The kids talked us into a game or two of Uno attack the other night.  After the first round Sophie had the hang of it enough (with help) that I could have my own hand. We were all having a lovely time.  Then I looked over at my darling baby girl and nudged Jeff.  We broke out in hysterical laughter.  Sophie was holding her hand with the cards fanned out between her toes!  The big and second toe to be exact.  Jeff grabbed the camera and we caught this for posterity.  Love it!

Monday, January 11, 2010

The Year of 30

I am a huge fan of goal setting and love the idea of New Year's resolutions. This year is a special year for me and will therefore have some slightly loftier goals than normal with a lot more hardwork put into them.  This is the year I turn 30.  Many of my friends have already hit this major birthday and I am inspired by their general wonderfulness to go at 30 head on and embrace, even celebrate it.  So-for the next 12 months, I will be continually setting goals (and reaching them) to make the next decade better then the last.

First things first-we'll take care of the surface cleaning.  I am going to have a very active year starting with my goal of working out 3x a week this month.  Trimming down a little would be nice, but is not the ultimate goal here.  The summer of 08 was my most physically fit period of my entire life.  I looked pretty good if I do say so myself.  But more importantly-I FELT the best I've ever felt.  I had abundant energy.  I had confidence and I was happy.  That is what working out is all about. 

Next-Getting to the temple is proving hard for me.  Maybe I'm intimidated by calling a babysitter for this.  Maybe I'm lazy.  Either way it needs to change.  The goal? My temple attendance in 2010 is going to be the best it's ever been since having kids.  My goal right now is 2x a month-once with Jeff and once to do initiatory work with my temple buddy.  (Melissa-we need to plan a time!!)

I'm still working on my list, so if you have any great ideas to share for celebrating 30, pass it on.  The list will get longer as I get more involved in this.  I can't wait!

(My spell check is gone-so excuse any misspellings please.)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Scrapbooking Randomness

I hate scrapbooking with yellow paper and straight-from-the-8-pk-crayon-box violet paper. (Not together. Either on it's own)  It just doesn't look good and I have such a hard time adding cute embellishments.  Not that I'm very great at that part either, but when it comes to yellow and purple-it is near impossible for me.  I'm not so happy with my layout right now and will not be posting a picture of it at this time.  Will someone please come finish my layout for me?

On the upside-this page layout has a title and journaling something most of my pages are missing.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Word Verification

I hate it. I vowed not to use, but now I feel I must. I keep getting a strange oriental-ish person trying to comment on one particular post. It's only this one post and it's all in oriental characters. So, hoping to deter this person(s) I am enabling this feature. To those of you, like me, who hate this I'm sorry and may you always get the word right on the first try.