Monday, January 14, 2008

Sunny Day

There is nothing more motivating than a bright, sunshiny day (well, unless it is also warm :) ). Despite the haze I can see blue skies and sunshine and I am inspired to clean my bathroom, read my scriptures, prepare family home evening, and make lunch. I have a few things I"m excited to post about, but you'll have to wait in eager anticipation while I try to stop procrastinating uploading my pics to the computer. Speaking of, I was doing just that a few weeks ago at a place called Winkflash. I noticed that they had their calendars on sale and, looking at my empty wall space where one once hung, I ordered one. Now being a scrapbooker, I did feel a twinge of quilt at not doing anything ultra creative, but it didn't last long. The calendar came within a couple of days and is so cute. Nothing is more fun than filling out those little squares while staring at my cute kids. By the way, the quality was fab. In fact, I was so impressed that I will order some large prints (that I have also put off ordering) of some family photos and a couple other favorite ones. Until I get around to posting more, here's a new photo. Enjoy the sunshine and do something fun today!

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