Friday, January 25, 2008

Bonfires and Amplifiers and Dads and Daughters

Last night my dad and I went on our first daddy-daughter date since I was a Merry Miss (for those who are too young to remember Merry Miss-think Activity Days.) A couple of weeks ago I decided that I really wanted to go to the Brad Paisley concert. Jeff was leaving town and I needed someone to go with me, so I asked my dad. It was so much fun we went out to dinner before and then to the concert. Openers: Chuck Wicks (Stealing Cinderella) and Rodney Atkins (If your goin' thru hell, keep on going). They both did really well. Unfortunately, the concert was held at the Energy Solutions Arena and the acoustics were horrible. Rodney A. was really fun to watch, lots of energy, talked a lot about his kids and was having fun up there. If he ever headlines here, I would definitely go see him again. (In fact, I am going out this morning and buying his CD). Brad Paisley was, of course, awesome. He is so talented. He sings fabulous live, he had some great animation that he did himself, and he plays the guitar like it's no ones business! It was so cool.
We did meet lots of interesting people there. I was a little surprised by the lack of hats and funny cowboy shirts, but I guess the cowboy trend is seeming to go away from at least the shirts (thankfully). I did see a lot of "high maintenance" girls , ya know, trendy clothes, lots of makeup, perfectly styled hair. We had 2 cute girls in front of us who gave us a cotton ball. (Concert tip: When at the former Delta Center, stuff cotton balls in your ears and then you can magically take all the echo out and understand what is being said/sung.) There was a cute little couple next to us that couldn't have been older than 17 or 18. She was adorable and he was the perfect gentleman. Very smooth. Hope he had enough gas in his car. ;) (I'm sure that probably came out wrong. Sorry!) There were 4 kids that came in on our row (none older than 18 I'm sure) all with a beer in hand. As you can guess (thankfully), the arena staff checked their ages and escorted them all out, taking away their beers. Yay E.S.A.!! Then there was the row of rowdy girls behind us. (Ok. Really they were grown women, probably all having to take their kids to school today, but acting like girls for the evening. ) They joined us part way thru the 2nd opening act and were apparently much in love with Mr. Atkins. I won't repeat things I heard. They had obviously started their party before they came to sit with us. The alcohol was already taking affect. :) I was glad when they moved though.
I am so glad I went. I've been trying to live without regrets (or as few as possible) and I don't think I will ever regret this fun night-drunks and all.

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hannah said...

How fun, a daddy daughter date!! I was just thinking......I think Brad Paisley is a hottie, I am not a high maintance girl, I don't wear trendy clothes, lots of makeup, and I certainly don't have perfectly styled hair (btw, I just cut it short and now have a cute style, but it is FAR from perfect) and I am single. HOWEVER, wouldn't it be fun for you to get to know Brad Paisley more and then you can set me up with him and we can double???? Isn't that a great idea? :)