Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Picture Post

These are my favorite posts to blog and to read. Okay-from bottom to top, here is what they are. For FHE we learned about how we got the Book of Mormon and that is a very special book that we need to take really good care of. For our activity we colored pictures of the BoM to hang on their doors. Sophie, of course, had to have one and sat and "colored" it all night. Next-Yesterday while I was cracking the usual morning whip to get kids to eat, I looked up and noticed McKay was busy "reading" the Friend while munching his muffin top cereal. Then-Lyndsi (especially) and McKay are always telling me they want a sleepover, so one Friday night we let them have one. We blew up the air mattress, brought up the little TV/VCR combo, and threw in some popcorn and all the left over Christmas treats. They had a ball and we got a free date night! (Jeff went and got Chinese and we watched a movie or something.) Next to last-Sophie loves reading books. I am sure it's because between the 4 other people in the house, someone is usually looking at a book. usually she will bring you a book and grunt at you until you put her on your lap until you read it. Finally-This is my binky baby. A week or two ago we thought we had lost the last of the binkies and decided it was as good a time as any to quit the habit. Think again. We were all miserable that day. Fortunately we found the dumb thing (and 2 more besides), but I have limited binky time to naps and bedtime. Now when I put her down for her nap, Sophie just giggles and giggles because she is so excited to have her binky for a little while. When she wakes up she'll hand it to me and point to the shelf where it goes. She is such a funny kid.


jamerlou said...

Sophie is a beautiful name and I still just love it! Sorry quitting the binkie habit didn't take. Juliet is a thumbsucker and I can already tell it's going to be a chore to break her of it.

Melissa said...

Sophie is so freakin cute!!! I love those big eyes with the binkie!! By the way I tagged you!! :) I'm sorry!! :(