Monday, November 1, 2010


What?!  A non-baby, non-house post?  I'm as shocked as you. ;)

Really, though, Halloween weekend was great.  Friday the kids had their costume parade and parties at school.

Saturday was trick-or-treating.

(a witch, a skeleton, and Silvermist-minus her wings)

Around 8 or so i got a text from Jeff relaying a cute little conversation he and Soph had. 

J: Are you about ready to go home?
S: Not until my bucket is full to the top!

And guess what?  When they came home a little later, all three buckets were "full to the top."   Jeff and I tried to show her that she had set a goal and reached it and congratulated her.  She didn't get it. :) 
Sunday we had a family party at my Aunt Michele's house.  There was tons of food, games and some indoor trick-or-treating. 

Now it's Nov. 1. On to Christmas shopping and baby-having!


Cami said...


Jen said...

You are seriously sooooo lucky! I wish our kids could have a school costume parade :)

Melissa said...

I love the halloween costumes! You made the cutest witch costume. :)
Thanks to online shopping (which I LOVE) I have most of Be Christmas -just need pajamas.
I just read your comment on the blog - yes it was only yesterday that Br wore the cow costume. :( They grow up fast!!