Friday, November 19, 2010

My Little Seamstress

Lyndsi has recently taken an interest in learning to sew.  In August I finally got around to helping her get started.  She made her first little project-a purse for Sophie. (Which Sophie happens to really love.)  My mom took a day off earlier this week to come hang out with me and the kids (aka the new baby).  McKay ended up playing with a friend and Sophie wandered off to do her own thing. The baby was sleeping as all good week old babies do, so mom and I decided to teach Lyndsi some more sewing.  I actually had a simple tote project all ready to go, and seeing as it was something I was doing for a Christmas name-gift for her cousin (Marchants-no spoiling our name gift!!) I thought it'd be perfect for her to do.  And bonus I figure we can use it for an activity day goal.  (Assuming we ever find/replace her book.)

Lyndsi started out using this book and tracing the pattern piece and cutting it out.  I believe she may have even helped G'ma cut the pattern pieces from fabric, too.

These things seem to be much easier if Grandma is here to tag team with me.

This is me trying to be creative and catch a candid shot of Lyndsi.  Not easy to do.  She always looks up right before I take the picture. 

Lyndsi did almost all of the sewing herself including sewing on the webbing handles and the velcro closures.  I only sewed the bottom of the bag and put the lining and outer bag together. She worked really hard on this and did an amazing job.  You should see her seams!  The girl is a natural.

Here's the finished project:

She's already got 2 or 3 more planned out for other gifts and possibly one for herself.  She's pretty darn proud of herself and her work.  I must say that I am too. You go girl!!

(This one is a little less "mom's caught in the act")


Sunshine and Lazy days said...

Yeah for lyndsi! I wouldn't attempt to sew a bag! Think of all the things you are teaching her and that she will pass down to her kids! Love it! ;)

Cami said...

I'm so impressed! Looks great!

Kelly said...

So cute! Did I ever doubt that your daughter/s would be just as talented and terrific as you? Never! I'm jealous of your patience. I gotta get me some of that so I can teach my girl a thing or two. :)

Angie said...

lol kelly! Did you read the part where my mom was there helping? That made all the difference. You should have seen the patience I had when I tried to teach her to crochet. Probably wasn't the best idea to do that 8/9 months preggo. ;)

Sally said...

This is so cool, Lynds! Love it! Good job!

rachel said...

I'm so impressed! She is a sweetie and CONGRATULATIONS of your beautiful new daughter! She is gorgeous and Yippee on finding a new house. Just in time for Christmas! We moved into this house 6 years ago the week before Christmas. It was great to put out our tree as one of our first ways to "move in!"

Good luck!