Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Last Week or So

Wow.  The last week and a half have been a whirlwind of activity.  Any time there's a new baby in the house that's bound to happen, but there's more.  Here's the list view of life at the Maynes' since Chloe was born.

Mon Nov. 8-Chloe was born; realtor called to show our house the next morning
Tues-Potential buyer from Monday makes offer; we counter.
Wed-Come home from hospital; Buyer accepts counter-we're officially under contract
Thurs-We start looking at homes
Friday-Chloe's first Dr. visit to double check bilirubin levels (just fine); Find home; make offer.
Saturday-New sellers counter
Monday-We accept.

Phew...I'm tired just thinking of it all!  It has been crazy, a little overwhelming and at times emotional.  However, we're very happy and feel that the timing is not just coincidence.  We've also been very blessed with a great ward, friends and family who have helped ease burdens this last week.  I'm looking forward to the new house, but will miss a lot of things about this one.  I am excited that we'll be in before Christmas.  I guess I better go pack a box or two now. 


sweets said...

Wow! that a lot right out of the hospital. good luck on the house.

Anisa said...

wow... overwhelming... that's how it always happens... when it rains it pours. Have fun packing and moving. where are you headed to?

Eric and Hannah said...

Wow!! You do have a lot of emotional things going on, all at once! But congrats on the whole house situation!! Where is your new house????

Jamie said...

Zoinks! You're amazing. I'd be ready to take a nap, not pack a box! Good luck with everything.

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

congrats on selling your house! That is burden now lifted! Enjoy that little girl, and give her about 100 kisses from me! :)and take a nap!

Cami said...

Oh the emotions of it all.
You think you've wanted out of your current house for so long and then it happens and it feels overwhelming.
Good luck! I know you'll get by with a little help from your FRIENDS!