Saturday, October 23, 2010

Hit Me Baby One More Time

(This is a trial run-if the vid's are missing I'll fix it soon)

I'm starting to feel like I should change my blog name.  I'm thinking "The Baby Channel: All baby, all the time."  :)  In honor of being down to the last month, I'm sharing one of my favorite songs.  Too bad, Britney fans, it's not her singing. But-it is her song.

I'm thinking Fran and co. will be going to the hospital with me.  They relax me.  And I have lots of good memories with Travis (the bands name) as the soundtrack. 

I think Jars of Clay will be with me as well.  And since it will be in November, their set will include their Christmas album, quite possibly my favorite album of all time. 

Keane will be there too.  They have a different flavor to their music and suits me. Plus, that's what I was mostly listening to when I went to Hawaii earlier in the year.  (And "The Frog Prince" will remind of me of my other cutie pies at home who love the movie The Princess Frog.)

The delivery room is getting quite crowded I think. :) I've never brought music with me before. I have no idea why. Right now it seems extremely useful.

What did you take with you to the hospital to keep yourself comfortable and entertained (either while in labor or for whatever reason)?? Obviously I'll be bringing my pillow and those essentials. Oh-and any others I should be inviting to the labor party?

P.S. If you liked that Keane song, go ahead and plug your headphones in, sit back, close your eyes and enjoy this one. It was my first known Keane song I fell in love with.


Ashley said...

I'm working on my hospital mix too :)

Cami said...

I had a great hospital mix. Sigh...
Mostly what I tried for was songs with a gentle rhythm and no jarring moments. Turned out The Cure was good for that. I really just looked for any song I could breathe slowly with.
The blessing of this mix is that it helped my fall asleep at the hospital when I was so stressed during that long week of B staying in the hospital.

Melissa said...

Ang -
Let me know what you think of this version!! I want to buy it if becomes available. :)