Sunday, November 14, 2010

Baby Chloe

I love this kid.  She is an absolute angel.  Chloe is just a sweet and content little girl.  Mom and dad can't get enough of her. Neither can her sisters (especially Sophie who is completely fascinated by her).  Even McKay loves her to pieces.  In fact, I think he's the one who asks to hold her the most. :)  She's a good little eater and a fabulous little sleeper.  Mom and Dad are really enjoying that part!   I'm sure it's with a huge thanks to being bottle fed, but she's only getting up once a night to eat.  Definitely manageable.  We've been so busy cuddling and oohing and ahhing over her we haven't stopped to take many pictures.  But, last night was her first at-home bath, so we did get a few after when she was all sparkly, baby-fresh clean.  (They're a little dark, but I'm too tired too mess with them in photoshop right now.  Maybe later. )

This is the cute little lip I was first greeted with when I held her right after delivery.  I was happy to see it reappear for me again.  Too cute.

She really didn't love her bath.  Especially the part where we actually had to wash her.  Little did she know that she still had to have ...gasp!...lotion put on.  (Really didn't like that, even though we made sure it wasn't cold)

Thankfully the girl will take a binky!

All better.  Clean, moisturized and the bottle is on it's way!

Keep on going for a few pix from the hospital.  Just saw that I had some I hadn't published yet. Enjoy!


Kepi said...

Man do we have cute kids.

Sally said...

She's so cute! I want to hold her right now, and I'm sad that by the time I do hold her she will be a different baby entirely. Love you guys! Congrats on your house! (Mom told me. Is it a secret?)

Cami said...

We've been oohing and aahing over this post.
Cam couldn't believe this was Chloe (post bath) AND he didn't know you had a blog either. Huh.

Melissa said...

I love the binki picture - its as big as her face. :) She is so little and so so cute!! You'll have to hold her and hug her for me since she will probably be a "big girl" when I meet her and more interested in playing. :)

Karamie said...

She's beautiful, SO glad we got to hold her and visit with all of you, can't wait to see her again soon-I hope!

Anisa said...

oh how fun! She's adorable. It almost makes me think I want another one.... oh wait, no thanks. I need to find someone around here that has a baby I can enjoy for a minute!