Friday, October 2, 2009

The Rest of the Olympic Penisula

Hang in there. Just two more picture posts (including this one), and then 14 days of vacation will have been documented. ;)

The day we left Forks was the day we got a real tasted of typical Forks weather. It didn't stop us though. Jeff wanted to stop at Lake Crescent. I'm so glad he did. It was soooo beautiful. While there we hiked to Marymere falls. Half way up to the falls it started raining. By the time we got to the falls it was pouring. We didn't care too much. :)

Marymere falls:

One of the cool bridges we had to cross on our hike:

Jeff at Lake Crescent. We are so coming back here.

We also went to Port Angeles. Most of the things we were looking to do were closed for the season. We walked around some piers for a little bit. We found some jelly fish and sea stars in the ocean. (I thought that was pretty cool).

The kids had fun looking at ships from the pier:

Here's our sea stars we found:

After that, it was off to Sequim where we were staying the night. Jeff had read about this state park where you could walk out to an island. If it were just a bit shorter than an 11-mile hike round trip, we probably would've tried. We did have fun hiking down to the beach, playing on the drift wood and even skipping stones in the ocean.

Jeff: Throwing McKay in the ocean.

Sophie's reaction to Jeff throwing McKay in the ocean. (We never got tired of this and laughed every time. Parents of the year? In the bag!)


Anonymous said...

Poor Sophie! :) I love the pictures - what a pretty place.

Shelly said...

Thanks for sharing your travel adeventures! You make it sound so fun and beautiful - I want to go! I may need to take Sophie with me to get the full affect of the vacation :).