Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall Fun

I love fall. I love going to pumpkin patches. This year my friend Anisa told me about a fun one by Hobby Lobby that had not only the pumpkins, but some tractors for the kids to play on and a little corn maze. The best part was that it was free! All of it. We rounded up some friends to come with us. The kids tore the corn maze at least 2 times each. They tried out every tractor (somewhere around 8), looked at the kittens that were there, watched some Irish dancers while listening to bagpipes (a pretty spur of the moment performance I'm sure). The pumpkin prices were reasonable so I let the kids each pick out a small pumpkin. Both my friend and I were so glad we did this.

Other things we're looking forward to this fall: Fall Festival at the District, family parties, trick-or-treating, fun costumes, falling leaves, sweaters, pumpkin pie and all things Halloween!

What are you up to this fall?


JM Phocion said...

Orangalicious. Those are some good looking kids.

Baker Bluhm said...

Hi, Ang! I always read your posts, but I haven't commented in awhile. Just wanted to say hi and that your little family is beautiful. Sophie's hair looks exceptionally cute. Thanks for sending the link to those hair websites. I'm trying out more hairstyles now that Claire's hair is longer. Your thoughtfulness has really touched me these past few months. Thanks for remembering me. Love, Sal

Kiersti said...

I'm in the process of writing MY post about the pumpkin patch by Hobby Lobby - too funny! I loved that there were a billion tractors, so the kids could all have a turn without having to wait forever!