Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Forks and La Push

Sorry. Another long picture post.

First off-Forks, a fun little town caught up in all things Twilight. Seriously, you'll walk into any store and Twilight is staring you in the face. While we were there we hit all the hot spots, the Cullen's home (much more like what I imagined than what's in the movie)-sorry no picture of that one, Bella's house, the school, the Thriftway (which I have shopped at), etc. Here's some of the (better) fun pics we took:

I laughed when I saw this

Going back to high school:

Bella's house-still not what I imagined-too well maintained for a single guy preoccupied with fishing.

I'd show the rest but my hair and the humidity did not agree with each other. It was kind of like trying to make vampires and werewolves be best friends. It ain't gonna happen.
Next-we're on to La Push. We hiked to second beach which was my favorite beach we went too. (Don't worry, I spent some time at 1st beach, too). There was a gorgeous hike down to the beach. When we were near enough to hear the waves breaking, McKay and I stumbled across this cool uprooted tree. If you look closely above and to the left of McKay's head, you'll see a (dead) crab hanging out. It made us laugh.

Hanging on the beach:

And here is 1st beach. Even though I prefer 2nd beach (which was a bit smaller), I really love this photo.


nateandcj said...

Beautiful places you got to visit. Jealous. Cool that you got to see the Twilight stuff. I can't believe how old and big your kids are... Crazy!!

Cami said...

Jealous (me).
Beautiful (beach photos)

Kiersti said...

It is so pretty there! How fun they are all into the Twilight craziness - I'm so jealous!

your new stalker

Sunshine and Lazy days said...

i actually went to the beach in La Push years ago before Twilight was just a twinkle in Stephanie Meyers' eyes! =) Those beaches are amazing.

Jennie said...

How fun! It's so cool that your husband humored you by taking you there. Who would have ever thought that Forks would become a tourist destination?

Kelly said...

Are you kidding me?! How fun! What a creative family vaca. This reminds me of when we were kids. You always made everything fun and creative!