Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ramble, ramble, ramble

McKay started soccer last month. His first game (pictured here) you couldn't pry the smile off his face if you tried. Ok. I guess some of it got lost in the concentration of the game. BUT-whenever I wasn't behind the camera he had this huge grin spread across his whole face.

Sophie also had a new beginning-dance! I love little girls in pink tights. The first class she was a little clingy, but she played along as long as mom would dance with her. (I'm sure that was lovely to see!) I wondered if she would do it at all until the teacher started their warm-up music. The first few notes to Mickey's mousercise was all I needed to know she'd be just fine. She is loving it and doing as well as a 3 yr old can in dance.

Off the topic of firsts....

I've been working around the house. Nesting I call it. Not for a baby but for fall. I think my subconscious has realized soon my little clan will be spending a significantly larger amount of time indoors. My very conscious mind realized I must be organized and cleaned up to accommodate that. :) So I've had a little bit of fun buying baskets for my bedroom closet, fabric to dress up some throw pillows, added a new bookshelf to the family room, figuring out what to do with the old one....I even washed all the bedding-sheets, baby blankets, animals, etc. (Not usually a one day event) and then remade the beds with the addition of a quilt for cold winter nights. There's so much more to do still.

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Cami said...

Cute soccer photo!
Although in general i hate making beds, I love it when I do all of them in one day with fresh sheets and those warm winter blankets. Ah, fall!