Sunday, October 4, 2009

The End of the Road

Seattle was our last official, picture-taking, vacationing spot of our trip. We met up with Jeff's sister and her family to hang out at Gas Works park, the zoo, Ballard locks, the beach, and of course Pike's out door market. Woodland Park Zoo:
The zoo had an awesome bear exhibit. We watched 2 of these guys for wander all around and play in the water.

Right by the bears were the otters. The only otters I've seen are PB&J Otter (remember that Disney show a few years ago?) They were beautiful to watch in the water and so playful!

For those that don't know (I didn't), Ballard locks are where they raise/lower the water to let water craft go from the fresh water lake to the salt water sound. The lake happens to be several feet higher than the sound. They also have a fish ladder there so the locks don't interfere with the salmon run. Lucky for us we were there at the perfect time of year to see them. We could watch the salmon jumping. We saw them swimming. Then we went down to the fish ladder viewing area and watched them try to swim upstream.

Seattle had one beach. We couldn't have a day without the beach by this point, so we went. This is a view of the Olympic Mtns. where we had just come from.

When Jeff and I went to Seattle a couple of years ago, his brother-in-law took us to the library at the U. of Washington to show us the Hogwart's room. This room is gorgeous. Since McKay is very into Harry Potter right now, it was a must-see.

The kids enjoyed picking out their own souvenir at the market. I liked all the free samples the food vendors showered on us. :)

That's it! Hopefully I haven't bored you all to tears by this point. :)

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Jamie said...

I'm still so envious! I'm glad you had a great time!