Friday, February 15, 2008

Quite the Story Teller

While we were on our way home from swimming lessons this morning, McKay asked if I wanted to hear his story (an oft asked question around here). Here's his story (roughly):

"There were spooky scary skeletons and it got darker and darker and darker. And the Jesus came and it got lighter. Then Jesus had to go to church as fast as he could. And then church was over and He was sad because he had to leave the church. And then the angel came and asked 'what's the problem?' Then the spooky scary skeletons came and killed Jesus and the angel and the hearts were broken." (I think in the end the skeletons were killed when Jesus and the angel came back to life if I remember right.)

For a little boy who cannot sit still to save his life, he has sure absorbed a lot! He may have gotten some details off, but I'm thinking he's starting to grasp the concepts a lot better than I ever gave him credit for!


Emily Youngdell said...

He is so cute. I still can't believe how big he is! I have been laughing about him and his spicy rootbeer. Ü

Ranae and Matt said...

Oh that kid. Your mom told me about the peeing in the heater. i like the new blog layout