Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I though I had managed to escape the annual longing (aka homesickness) for St. George that usually hits this time of year. Despite all the snow, I felt good. I was really feeling at home. Then this morning I was leaving Target and BAM! It hit. Fortunatley, it's not a severe case like the last 2 years, but honestly I do miss it there. 365 days of pure blue skies and deliciously warm sunshine. Red rocks and green trees. Seriously, when I first started school there back in 98 (gulp) I thought to myself, "I am living in a rainbow!" It may sound a little cheesy, but if you know me at all, it fits.

Part of this was brought on by a visit this weekend from our good friends, Wendy and Jeremy. I've known Wendy since we started college (French class) and Jeremy almost as long. When we had kids we traded babysitting frequently and worked and played together as well. Jeff and Jeremy clicked right off the bat and have been good friends since I introduced them. Really, these people are more like family than friends.

Some of it was brought on by memories of other friends and neighbors. Emily, Amy, and Erika and I used to look forward to a new year because it meant birthday season!!! The four of us would go out to dinner, maybe a movie and spoil the birthday girl with presents. Randi and Krystal were the best next-door neighbors ever, something I miss up here. We had kids the same age who loved playing together and we'd sit and visit for hours while they played.

Really, I'm very sentimental (in case you didn't pick up on that) and even shopping can trigger homesickness. I love going to Target, especially the one in the District. It reminds me of shopping in St. George. If I'm really homesick, I can almost imagine I'm there. Maybe heading to Michaels or the dollar store next. Pathetic. I know.


Ranae and Matt said...

I too really miss St. George. I can't wait until April when we go back and visit. Matt tells me at least once a week that he wants to move back. Maybe one day.

Eric and Hannah said...

I didn't live there but I really miss it. (I actually miss a lot of things there) I am taking the kids to see their grandparents for Easter and I will hang out with Emily. I am excited!!

MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

I miss the days it would rain the most. The skies would clear up so fast and then the rocks were sooo red and beautiful. I don't miss the summer heat but it has been so hot up here the last few years I miss living there too.