Sunday, February 3, 2008

Snow Day

I have lived in this snowy valley for all of but 7 years of my life. I'm somewhat used to snowy days, and of course, the much anticipated snow days. I've had a few memorable ones in my life. My favorite was in high school. We were at an early morning devotional, listening to a blind man teach us something gospel oriented. All of a sudden the stake center we were meeting in went black. Power outage. The speaker just laughed and joked that we got to see things as he does now (which made for neat meeting). The power continued to stay off through a few periods of school and eventually we were sent home. This snow storm takes the cake. We had a snow day from church! Never had that before, but it was nice to enjoy the day at home with my family.

Here we are enjoying our 10 inches of snow (give or take-depending on the location of the drifts). Jeff decided we needed to build a snow fort and then we got tired. So, we started building a snow man. I decided it was time for my day of rest so I parked myself on the swing where I decided I could easily fall asleep. McKay kept offering me delicious treats of snow fish, snow pizza, and the like.

When I was a kid, I detested the snow. Sure, it was pretty to look at, especially when it was snowing outside and I was curled up inside, but play in it? No thanks! When we moved up here, my goal was to learn to enjoy being out in the snow-mainly so we didn't get cabin fever in the winter and it's a proven fact that the more my McKay is inside, the more artwork adorns the walls. (I told Jeff the other day that we should live in a cave. Then people would expect drawings on the walls!) I found the trick this year to keeping everyone happy outside in the snow. Snow clothes and boots and waterproof gloves! (The last one is crucial.) I know that sounds dumb, but it was so much more fun than I ever remember as a kid. Of course, the fact that is was 41 degrees instead of 27 didn't have anything to do with it.....


Emily Youngdell said...

Angela!!! This is Emily Youngdell. (Filby) I have been thinking about you. I talked to Ranae today and we both found out that we had blogs so we exchanged addresses and I was so excited to see you name on her list!
How in the heck have you been? My apologies for not keeping in touch better. Blogging is a much easier way for me to keep in touch with friends. If you are interested my address is
I'm so excited that I have you and Ranae to blog with now. Your little family is so cute!!

Emily Youngdell said...

Let's definitely get together soon. Haley talks about Lyndsi all of the time! She would be so excited to see her again. When's a good time for you? I think that our girl's Kindergarten schedules are opposite so we will have to figure out a way to do something. Let me know what works for you, -K-

Jamie said...

Brrrr....I'm still not a huge fan of snow but the right gear can make all the difference! Looks like you had fun!