Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day!

I wish you all lived near my so I could share these yummy popcoron balls with you. Since I can't, click on my kitchen site and you can have the recipe. (Thanks Brittnee!) Growing up my mom had the annoying habit of making a billion (I'm not exaggerating) sugar cookies and it was my job to help frost them all and help deliver them to our friends and neighbors. As luck would have it, old habits die hard. I found myself wanting to do something domestic for some of our friends and neighobrs. After seeing this recipe on my cousin's blog and then again being made on TV show, I had to try it. They are sooo good! (I did my a raspberry flavor. Mmmm....) McKay came up and saw them. Instantly he started singing, "Popcorn Popping." I had to laugh. What a kid. Go make these and enjoy them with your loved ones. (Bonus-they're quick and easy!!!)


Emily Youngdell said...

So cute. See Ange, you don't think like a man on Valentines Day, what are you talking about? Ü It was great seeing you guys today. Let's get together again soon.

Tams Family said...

What a cute idea! I'll have to add that recipe to my list of fun things to do. Thanks!

Jamie said...

Yummy. I just printed off the recipe and want to try it later. I might get some green jello for St. Patrick's Day since I've already missed Valentine's Day.