Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas 2007

Ah...Another Christmas come and gone. We had a wonderful one, if not a little stressful (mostly of the self-inflicted, take on too much variety). We were able to spend a few days with Jeff's parents and all of his siblings. It was nice to visit, sled, eat, exchange gifts, play games, etc. I come from a small family (at least my immediate family is) and it's fun to be part of a large family. To quote Hannah Montana (or is it Miley Cirus?) it's "the best of both worlds." Jeff's dad, with help from Jeff (a little), his brothers, and various other friends and family has built the most magnificent cabin. We got to spend some time there hanging out and playing out in the snow. The only down side was when I face planted coming down the slopes on a sled. My first thought was, "Wow, this is really soft!" Then I lifted my face out of the snow. Big mistake. The only thought for the next few minutes was "cold, cold, cold, cold, cold!!!" We did the traditional nativity play-grandkids playing all the parts. Instead of the annual talent show, and much to the joy of the 3-4 of us that perform, we did some group singing instead accompanied by piano, flute and violin. Very fun.

Due to threatening snow and being a bit of a party pooper of late, we left early Monday morning to be home for Christmas Eve. The kids were bouncing off walls and it was difficult to get them to focus for more than 30 seconds at a time, but finally the house was clean, their gifts wrapped and it was now time for dinner and festivities!! (Sorry about the run-on-not interested in editing today.) Last year we started a "Mary and Joseph Dinner" which we continued this year, made cookies for Santa, opened Christmas p.j.'s read a story and finally went to sleep.
Lucky for us, we haven't quite it that "I'm so excited I can't sleep!" stage yet and only had to get up at the normal 7:30. Christmas morning was a blur of brightly colored paper flying in all directions and squeals of joy. Lyndsi informed me that everything she got was on her list and so she must have been a good girl. (Too cute!) She is very into Santa and the importance of being on the "nice" list. Favorites of Christmas morning:
Jeff- handheld GPS (to go geocaching)-which is in progress of creating a monster :)
Angie- Bosch mixer-bread has become easy overnight!
Lyndsi- Baby Alive (the little baby-not the big one)
McKay- The Black Pearl (2 feet long, and has all kinds of doors and compartments to keep a boy busy)
Sophie- baby doll with hair she can brush.

Later Christmas day we went to the big Marchant party. Everyone was concerned about the amount (or lack) of food at previous family events, and we all over compensated, making this the first family gathering since grandma died that there has been an extreme over abundance of food. It was wonderful!!!

The next day was glorious. I love basking in the afterglow of Christmas. It's like sitting in the sunspot on your couch where it's nice and toasty when the rest of the house is a little cool. I felt totally relaxed and had nothing nagging at the corners of my brain wanting attention. Even the kids disappeared and played quietly all day long!!! Mom and dad came over later that night to exchange gifts. Jeff was so excited when he opened his gift and it was a ohio state hoodie. The kids and parents were all spoiled. Hopefully mom and dad and Greg liked their gifts as well.

Another wonderful Christmas is over. It is now time for SPRING!!! :)


jamerlou said...

I know what you mean about Spring!! I usually want Christmas to hang around until February but I'm like, "Take down the tree! Let's get on with Valentine's Day!" Not like me at all!

Anonymous said...

Angie, thanks for the fun ideas of a "Joseph and Mary" dinner and making cookies for Santa Claus! I may have to try them next year.