Friday, December 28, 2007

Adventures in Sledding

A few weeks ago, Jeff and I decided to take the kids sledding in preparation for a trip to the cabin. Once we got them all bundled up and let them go down with a grownup once or twice, they loved it. Lyndsi went down several times by herself and even Sophie loved going down the hill. We went to my old elementary school where there is a hill but not so very steep, so Grandpa and Jeff ended up doing a lot of pushing. I didn't think the kids would last too long, but we ended up sledding for around an hour. Surprisingly, Sophie was the last to give in. (It's nice to finally have a child who is a little more adventuresome-not that I don't appreciate the older kids' cautiousness)
The next weekend at the cabin they didn't have as much fun, I think. Although, we did have to make our trail instead of going down ready-made ones. Maybe next time it'll be loads more fun. Unfortunately, I was having too much fun going down the hill to snap any pics, so if any of you got some pictures of our sledding adventure, could you pass them along? Thanks!

Here are a few favorite pics:

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JM Phocion said...

The nice thing about the cabin trip was Mom & Dad got to have all the fun. Cami was the star though flying down those slopes!