Saturday, September 4, 2010

Zippety-A and heidi-ho

It's birthday time!!

With all the stress of the house, I decided I would forgo my vow to not have friend parties this year and plan something special for Sophie's 4th birthday.  It seemed like good timing as she's a little older now and has lots of little friends that she loves to play with.  So, she and I planned and shopped and invited.  Sophie picked out a My Little Pony theme and mom took it from there.

We ended up with 9 kids total (including my 3).  A few friends couldn't make it (and we missed you!).  The party started with a coloring activity while everyone arrived.  The kids sat and quietly colored their Pony pictures.  When everyone had arrived, we started with our first game-musical ponies.  The kids each found a pony and quietly went around the circle until the last person got out.  Then quietly we played "pin the tail on the pony," had a pony relay, and a ball toss.  After the last game was quietly played and cleaned up, Grandpa held up the castle pinata.  I handed a few streamers to each kid and the candy flew.  Then was quietly picked up and put in their little individual bags.  Are you catching the quietness here?  It was seriously the quietest party I've ever been to or hosted, especially for 3 and 4 yr olds!  Cute little buggars.  I hoped cake and ice cream would drum up some excitement.  Which it did.  Sort of.  I asked, "Who wants cake and ice cream?!" Seven little bodies were jumping up and down with 7 little arms wiggling in the air and 7 little mouths completely mute. Good thing I can read body language. ;)  Finally they got loud and giggly when Jeff started showing off his "moves" to the My Little Party CD we had going. 

It was a cute little party and all the kids seemed to have a really great time.  It just so happens that they are all super quiet in everyday life, too. 

Sunday was Sophie's actual birthday. To celebrate we had my parents and grandparents over for hot dogs (her favorite)

and then some more family and friends for cake and ice cream and presents.

(My niece Kaylee loved the cupcakes!)
Sophie loved all the attention and presents.  She was a gracious little hostess, always remembering to say thank you.  She loved all the gifts she received over the 2 day celebration (which surprisingly didn't overwhelm mom) and has played nonstop with them.