Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Diaper bags: HELP!!!

I feel SO out of this whole baby thing.  I went to pick up a few sundries (I like that word) at Target yesterday and swung by the baby aisle to see about stocking up on a few essentials.  It felt wrong.  I don't have a baby.  Why am I buying teeny tiny diapers and other diapering items?  It was weird.  (Don't get me wrong-I am SO excited for this baby.  It's just been a long time!)  So diapers led me to think about diaper bags.  I'd like a new one, but really can't stomach the store prices.  Ugh.  That's what I get for being a
DIY-fer.  I saw this cute bag on Make It and Love It.  I'm thinking of making it for our new diaper bag.   From the instructions, it looks like there are no pockets/pouches. 

Here's where I need help. What things have you LOVED about your diaper bags (past or present) and what things did you find unnecessary or useless?  Also, if you have any other diaper bag recommendations/suggestions, please send them this way. 

While you think and post, I'll go work on Halloween costumes. 


Ashley said...

I'm making ours this year too. What ya got up your sleeve for Halloween?

I didn't use a diaper bag really, just got myself a bigger purse that I liked so I'm not much help.

Karamie Maynes said...

I just use my purse as well, so I'm not a huge help. The bag we use for church is the closest thing we have to a diaper bag and we've liked it because of the 6 tall pockets lining all the walls. Lots of pockets are a must for me, even for my purse/diaper bag. I love the diaper bag you plan to make it's adorable! Good luck:)

kirsten said...

i actually loved my lands end diaper bags. I got the big one for baby #1, but it's kinda huge. I got a smaller, messenger style (awesome orange) one from lands end for... #3? I think. That one was better. But they are high quality, come with a changing pad and a 'wet bag' which was useful, and had lots of pockets, etc.
I'd probably get this now:

it would be fun to customize your own - I'd want mine out of thicker fabrics for stability, and yeah, lots of pockets is a MUST!

Michelle said...

The bigger the better for me. I pack EVERYTHING IN THAT BAG! Samantha still expects her snacks and stuff to be in there.;) I have to have pockets and pouches galore. I also need my bag to be roomy and washable or wipeable. I like a pocket out of the main bag for MY items(wallet, keys, pen, sunglasses, etc.) I like to have a place on the outside for a changing pad too. I like the inside to be just the esentials. I hate digging through TONS of stuff.

Good Luck, post a picture when you finish...I bet you could make extras and could sell them on Etsy! Your stuff always turns out so cute!

Jamie said...

I like pockets with elastic tops on the outside of the bag to hold baby bottles or water bottles.

Kiersti said...

Only go as big as you need to. I bought a huge one with my first, and it was just too big. I found myself putting more stuff than what I really needed because I thought I needed it because I felt the need to fill up the bag. Make sense?
Good luck. Diaper bags are a secret obsession of mine ;)

Cami said...

Cell phone pocket on the outside.
I had that on a backpack style bag I had.
What I hated about that bag was the lack of compartments. Just one barrier in the middle would have been great.
The clear plastic zipper pouch (to contain messy clothes) was INVALUABLE to me. I also appreciated having the small changing pad. Having so many older kids (and places to be) ensures that you are going to need all emergency prep items that you can fit in there.
Good luck! It's a cute style.

Ranae and Matt said...

I just made the diaper/wipe holder from make it and love it. I wish I would have done that sooner, diaper and wipes in one spot and the diapers stay nice!

Melissa said...

We both know I am not a DIY-fer so I bought one nice bag that I still use for outings. I figure less work for me the easier. The thing I love is the pockets - places for bottles, diapers, etc. has several options, site to store no shipping; or has more options than their shelves as well.
Good luck!! when you are done sewing you need to share a picture.

What are your Halloween plans? I didn't want to sew B's but I can't find a nice one so I may have to make a trip to JoAnns after all. :)

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

that is a very cute bag! I just end up using the diaper bag the hospital gives away. speaking of baby items, do you still need a car seat? I'm coming up on the 14, so I can get that to you. Also, do you need a playpen/sleeper? We have one of those too.