Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's Time!

I have some bright yellow spots peaking out through the green leaves on one of my trees. 

I took it as Mother Nature's cue to pull out the fall stuff.  Bath and Body Works has their wallflowers (and refills) on sale right now.  Sophie and I grabbed a couple of Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin ones for the upstairs and a Leaves one for downstairs.  We had a hard time choosing from all the delicious fall scents in the store.  I'm anxious to pull out some generic fall decor, but am a tad hesitant with the house up for sale. My blog got "redecorated" though.  I've been scouring my little Walmart's baking aisle for canned pumpkin.  I think I'll have to try Smith's.  Pumpkin rolls are sounding very yummy.  Also, soup has been on the menu twice in a week. The only thing missing is the sweaters.  However, being 7 months prego, I'm ok to forgo sweaters til after the baby comes.  (Mostly because I have no sweaters that fit and don't want to buy any for a month of use.)

So-are you eagerly anticipating the first jump in pile of raked leaves or parading around in your swimsuit and beach towel, refusing to recognize summer is almost gone?


Cami said...

I'm snuggling into fall and already dreading Christmas. I should probably just stay out of the stores until I need to buy your baby a gift.

Melissa said...

I love fall and yes pumpkin rolls sound good. There isn't canned pumpkin here yet - pumpkin shortage I've been told. :( I also love the idea of pumpkin scents, maybe a trip to the mall is needed.

Kelly said...

Thanks for telling me the wallflowers are on sale! I'm so there! I love the scents of fall. :)

Tams Family said...

I can't wait for fall! I actually started pulling out some pumpking dishes and soups a few weeks ago hoping to speed things along. Let's hope it comes soon!