Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another 1st Day of School

The last of the three started school this week. Soph is doing Joy School with some friends we met through my book club.  She had her very first day on Tuesday and to say she loved it is understating things.

I was a little worried about her not knowing people very well, but she did great.  Apparently she even sang the songs out loud, something I'm not sure she even does in primary yet.  When I picker her up she talked my ear off for a solid 20 minutes about all that they did and learned that day.  (For you non-joy-schoolers out there, each month has a "joy" and Sept. is the Joy of our bodies.)  The rest of the afternoon was spent listening to her sing all the songs they learned.  My personal favorite was "Hinges" which I have loved since my early days of being a kid in primary.

I'd say all in all it was a success.  I am now more confident to try her in dance or soccer again (which was a miserable failure last year).

In other new:
the house is still for sale
McK and L are back on track
baby is 29 weeks along and doing great
cooler weather has brought on motivation and inspiration
headed to Time Out for Women this weekend with a bunch of wonderful gals I know (and missing the ones who couldn't make it)
still haven't started the freezer paper stencil, but it is happening soon!


Melissa said...

I loved JOy School - hopefully I can do it again. :) What is the freezer paper stencil?

Kelly said...

What a darling girl! I think I tell you this every time, but she looks just like you. :)