Friday, July 23, 2010


Sometimes there are tools that you cannot live without.  They make a daunting task easy.  They make it fun.  They make you do it.  :)  Here are a few of my favorite "tools" that get me going. (I should mention none of these are my personal photos.  All were searched out by using google images)

My vacuum.

This baby may not be the best in the market, but it is heads above my last one.  (But not quite as good as my 1st Bissell, may it rest in peace.)  Vacuuming was always a favorite, preferred chore of mine until I had this yellow beastly vacuum that refused to work.  Since replacing it with this beauty, vacuuming is back in "preferred chore" status.

My Bosch.

I loved baking before this guy came a long, but I was content to use my hand mixer or a wooden spoon.  Now, it is my sole baking mixer.  It mixes, it kneads, it blends, shreds and it's easy to clean! I love you Bosch!!

My gardening gloves.

I don't mind getting out and pulling some weeds or digging in the dirt or planting or other types of yard work, but until recently you would find me doing all these chores bare handed.  I hate the bulkiness of gardening gloves. It felt awkward to garden in them.  So I went bare-handed. I mean, you can only get so much dirt under your nails, right? After awhile there's no more room for it.  ;)  This summer I had it though. I found some fitted gardening gloves at Lowe's and forked over the big $$ for these.  I love them.  (The brand is Ethel if you are wondering.) Not only are my nails clean after gardening, but my hands are too!  And, bonus- yard work is now getting done.  (I'm going to have a party to celebrate my good-looking yard. Seriously.)

Lastly (for now anyway)-my camera.

Once again, not top of the line, but it's great for my every day use.  As I've been sorting through the last 2 years worth of pictures trying to get a big order ready to print, it's hit me just how blessed I am.  How this tiny little machine can catch the depth of my baby's super deep dimple.  How it makes my oldest look even more like a super model than she already does. How it is the only thing that catch my son's thoughtful smile.  I could cry for all the happy memories that we have as a family that will be remembered in crystal clear detail because of this little thing. 

Do you have a favorite "tool" that makes your life easier?


Cami said...

My vacuum.
I practically use it to 'sweep' my kitchen floor.

Bits and Pieces of Me...Emily! said...

I just found out that I am getting a floor steam mop for christmas, very excited about that! My favorite machine I use, would have to be my iron! Silly I know, but I love to iron! :)

Joni said...

Fun post! I love gardening gloves too.

My favorite tools? I love my Bosch too. I also make great use of my blender. It makes graham cracker crumbs so easily.

I don't have any particularly spectacular washer or dryer, but I don't mind laundry because I know they're doing most of the work for me.

Jamie said...

Does air conditioning count? I don't think I could live in 110 degree heat without it!

Angie said...

lol. I've lived where you live. Air conditioning most definitely counts. And freezers and popsicles, too!

Kepi said...

What about the man who was thoughtful enough to acquire all of those tools for you. What a man.

Melissa said...

Good job Jeff!

Another fun post Angie! :) I love my camera and my pampered chef chopper.