Tuesday, July 6, 2010

4th of July Weekend

I love long weekends, especially ones where we get to play all weekend.  Which is exactly what we did.

Saturday we headed out to Copperton for their Town Days breakfast and races.  We met up with some friends there and enjoyed a yummy hot breakfast of eggs, hash browns, ham, sausage, french toast sticks, fruit and drinks.  The kids opted for the playground most of the morning, but there were also lots of fun races for all age groups.  We did convince Lyndsi to do the Father/Daughter 3-legged race.  The morning was comfortably cool so after the park we decided to head to the zoo. (Sorry-no pictures.) It was the perfect day for walking around the zoo.  It was surprisingly uncrowded and not hot at all.  Jeff sprung for all the kids to ride the carousel which made the afternoon complete in their little eyes.  Later that night we had our friends back over for fireworks and ice cream.  It wasn't your city-sponsored display, but we had lots of fun and found it just right for all the little ones that were there.

Sunday we rested.  Saturday was busy and Monday morning was coming quick.

Our other friends invited us to attend Provo's Freedom Fest with them. The Stringham's have been going every year and always start off with the hot air balloon fest in the morning.  So, 5 a.m. found us on the road to Provo so we could get the perfect spot to watch the balloons.  Which we got.  Except it turned out to be not so perfect.  We had to keep moving for the balloonists.  It's all good.  We had fun watching the balloons and enjoying a picnic sunrise breakfast with great friends. 

The parade was next on our agenda.  Despite not camping out the night before we still got a good spot.  Some parade favorites were the highway patrolman on their motorcycles, the scouts carrying tons of American flags, the military tributes, firetrucks (always a crowd pleaser), the missionaries from the Provo mission and the big Macy's Parade-style balloons, especially the Curious George one.

For lunch we headed to the park and partook of fair food.  The kids also got to do lots of free crafts.  Cami and I also got to sneak off without the kids to enjoy a little window shopping and cotton candy (yum!). 

Apparently, none of us had our fill of fun yet and went to SubZero for some ice cream.  I got Lime with sour patch kids.  You can blame that one on the pregnancy, but it was very refreshing and light tasting.  Not too sour, but just enough.  Next time though, I think I'll take my sour patch kids on the side.  I forget what ice cream does to gummy candies. 

A busy weekend, but lots of fun.  My kids are finally out for a 3 week summer break.  Time to party!


jamerlou said...

Glad to hear it! We've been enjoying ours.

Emily said...

It does sound like you guys have been busy having lots of fun too. That Freedom Fest sounds like so much fun. The lime ice cream with sour patch kids sounds like exactly what I would get when I was pregnant with Ashley. I was so obsessed with sour stuff that my tongue was sore. :)