Thursday, July 1, 2010

generic update

Just a couple of days after McKay lost his first tooth, he popped out his 2nd on his own.  Hopefully there are no more loose teeth.  Not sure if the tooth fairy has enough cash to cover that cute little mouth. 

The kids are both finishing school this week. McKay's last day was today and Lyndsi's is tomorrow.  This school year has seemed long.  I'm looking forward to a few weeks of summer with my 3 kiddos before we jump into a new scool year.  I feel like I've hardly had any time with them this last month.

Jeff's parents got off to the mission home fine and are getting settled in.  He was able to talk to both of his parents the other day.  He said they sounded a little flustered, but who isn't moving to a new place?  If you know anyone heading to the Denver South mission, just let them know they will have the best mission president they could ever hope for. :)

One more week and we'll be in for our ultrasound.  I've always looked forward to my ultrasounds, but I'm down right excited about this one.  The general concensus is a boy.  I have no personal feeling either way and am determined we are getting puppies.  ;)  Whatever the outcome is, I'm excited to start working on some baby projects for this kid.

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Melissa said...

Yeah for summer break and yeah for the ultrasound! :) You should share your fun projects.