Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Oregon Coast

If you haven't been here for a few days, keep scrolling. I'm working on getting trip pictures posted.

We hit 3 towns along the Oregon coast-Coos Bay, Newport and Astoria. We did more hiking-some in the "Prehistoric Gardens" too expensive, but still fun for the kids to see life size replicas of dinosaurs. There were more lighthouses, beaches, time at the docks to visit sea lions, an aquarium, and a maritime museum. The Oregon part of our trip kept us hopping, but we loved it.

Prehistoric Gardens-look closely there is some dinosaur in the dark background.

View of Sunset Bay (Coos Bay area)

The older kids loved playing in the waves. Sophie preferred to stick to building sand castles.

We almost paid $11 per adult and $9 per child to go check out some sea lion caves, but then a lighthouse volunteer told us to visit the docks for free in historic Newport and we'd see tons of them up close. It pays to to talk to people.

We also ended up with a free ticket to the wax museum in Newport, so we went. Some things were more like the originals than others.....

Checking out ship stuff at the maritime museum in Astoria
We hit one beach that day and look what we found! Could it be One-eyed Willies ship?


Jennie said...

So fun!

Rachel said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I'm sure this will be a trip you remember forever!!

rubberbandgirl said...

Hey I remember that museum!!! I've been to Astoria once because my aunt and uncle live there.

Anisa said...

So pretty. I'd love to see that coast area.

Anonymous said...

We love all the pictures!! Looks like a fun trip. Hopefully one day we can visit the coast area's as well. :)

Ranae and Matt said...

I loved the oregon coast when i went there. I loved all the colorful houses in astoria.did you see where they filmed kindergarten cop. i also loved newport