Sunday, September 20, 2009

Home SWEET home!

Sigh...There's nothing like coming home. Something even the smallest people in our family know already. Our little family of 5 just returned from the most amazing, wonderful, perfect 14-day vacation known to families. We went all over here:

You can only imagine all the driving that happened. Can I just say I have the best little travellers? No whining, fighting, hitting, pushing, etc that is known to families trapped in small places for hours on end. And quite honestly, there was not nearly as many movies playing as I had anticipated. Everyone was content to color, play with their Leapsters, sing/listen to music, munch, and sometimes just chillax.

We had quite the adventures filled with hiking, chasing waves, looking for vampires and werewolves (or if your picky-shapeshifters), beach combing and more. We were on the go from the moment we woke up till we crashed on our beds late at night. We had a great time and no one was complaining to go home. I don't think anyone really even thought about it till Saturday-the day before we would arrive at our house. We all had a great time and probably would've lasted a bit longer if we chose to. When we pulled in and all walked in the house though-there was a collective sigh and tangible happiness. There truly is no place like home!


Cami said...

So glad you're back!
Can't wait to hear all about your trip.

Anisa said...

Glad you made it back safe.... we need to see pics of the trip.... I'm sure you have tons to do!!!

kirsten said...

welcome back, angie!
now i wish lyndsi had dance on M/W!

and for a second I was all - wait, when did it SNOW?

Jamie said...

Man, I'm ready for a 14-day vacation! Sounds great!

Emily Youngdell said...

Wow, 14 days on a vacation sounds like heaven to me!
Let's see some pictures, girl!