Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Prize Winning Day

Literally! I am no longer included in the "I don't win anything" category. Yesterday, Jeff had his weekly Chamber of Commerce meeting. There are always prizes at their luncheons. He came home with a prize he won from a photographer- 3 sets of cards with beautiful photography on them. He also came home with some concert tickets (emerson drive) for the county fair. That night I went with my Mary Kay consultant to a MK dinner. Just for going she gave me a free product (of my choice) from the catalog and then there were prize drawings. (This is MK after all.) There were only 3 prizes, so what are my chances?? Well, apparently pretty darn good because I won one! How exciting for me. Lesson learned: think good thoughts and you will take home a prize!


Emily Youngdell said...

I have often felt that I was the type of person in the "I don't win anything," catgeory. Congrats on all of those cool things. Anything free from Mary Kay is awesome! I will take your advice and think happy thoughts.

Jamie said...

Yeah prizes! Speaking of basements, mine hasn't done anything since Christmas. I'm at the stage where I hire a painter or go down and start painting myself. Hiring a painter is pricier but would look better, but I'd be cheaper but have to find time to paint with my kids. So instead of making a decision, I do nothing. :) I wish you guys lots of luck with your basement! (I thought it'd be a faster process but for me, it's taking years.)

Cami said...

Yay for you!