Monday, July 21, 2008

Christmas in July

Yep. If you couldn't tell by the carols sifting through your speakers, it's time to celebrate Christmas in July!!

This is starting to be a real problem. Every year in the summer I start feeling nostalgic for Christmas when it's still in the 90s outside. In some ways this is a good thing. I planning out my gift buying strategies, trying to come up with a clever neighbor gift, thinking out how to make December run just a bit smoother this year, etc. Down side-my kids want to pull out all their snow stuff, wear other winter clothing (long-sleeved shirts and pants) and I honestly feel a little nutty.

My name is Angie and I listen to Christmas music in the summer.

Putting this playlist together really did make me happy. As I listened to each song before adding, I felt this little squeal of excitement start forming in the bottom of my stomach and quickly rising up until it left my mouth in a delightful sound of anticipation and excitement. I felt about 5 years old again.

I love old, classic Christmas music and you'll find a lot of these sound like "movie" music. Probably because at one point or another they have been featured in films like White Christmas (duh), the Holiday, Polar Express, etc. One artist has not (to my knowledge) and that is Jars of Clay. Jeff bought their Christmas album last year and it is my favorite. Not my favorite Christmas album, but my favorite album. It makes me feel good. What can I say?
If there's a song you love that's not currently playing let me know and I'll add it.

Assuming I'm on top of things, the next few days will be dedicated to Christmas-themed thoughts. On July 26, there will be no traces of Christmas left until November sometime. I promise. :)


rubberbandgrl said...

You are adorably crazy!
There were no Disney Princesses, but the mobbing of the Star Wars characters reminded me of Disneyland.

Randi said...

You amaze me. I don't know how you do it all!! I need to take lessons from you! I can't believe the bead in the ear, that is flippin crazy. Congrats on the remodel! I am jealous.

MissGlimpseBlogSpot said...

LOVE IT!!! Thank you so mucha nd share you ideas for less stress in Dec. Lovies, Missy
It helps it not feel so hot!

The Chamberlain Family said...


My mom is the same way! I grew up listening to Christmas music all through the year, not just from July to December! I love Christmas music, but Mike puts a ban on it until at least Thanksgiving. And his idea of Christmas music and mine are let's say in a different stratosphere! So, listen all you want!!!!

Melissa said...

I Love it!! I am so like you!!! I sing Christmas songs all year!! I even got Jesse to love to sing them with me!! Jeff thinks I'm crazy!! But when Christmas does roll around and all of my shopping has been done for months then he appreciates it!! We never have to stress!! I just love it!!