Thursday, July 10, 2008


I was cruising through the entertainment section of my news site and happened to glance at an article on John Mayer and noticed his picture. All of a sudden, it dawned on me. That's my Jasper!!! We all get our ideas of what these characters are going to look like. Sometimes we can describe them and see the beautiful picture in our heads without any outside help. Other times, we aren't exactly sure until we see it and then we know. Now, I know, Stephenie has her description, but this is what formulated in my head:

Can you not see the vampire here?

Challenge: What do you think these characters look like? If you find a picture, post it on your blog (and then leave a comment here :).)


Emily Youngdell said...

Ok, I am going to tell you who I picture in my mind and then hopefully I will get around to posting it on my blog. I totally picture Carlisle as Ryan Seacrest. Don't know why, but I do..

Cami said...
My response. I gasped when I saw this pic of John Mayer. He'd almost be Edward if his cheekbones were more pronounced.

Chad and Kristen said...

YES!!! I totally see it!!