Friday, July 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

In july that is. 5 months to the big day. (I only know this because McKay keeps asking me when both Halloween and christmas are, I promise.) I still haven't thought of anything clever for neighbor gifts, but here are a couple ideas-

1. Extension cord-Hoping the holiday spirit extends throughout the year. (or something like that. I think Jeff's parents did this one year)
2. Wisk and hershey kisses-We wisk you a merry kissmas!
3. Homemade mint sandwiches (love them)
4. Chocolate covered pretzels and/or popcorn
5. Homemade caramel

As the time gets (much) closer, if any other great ideas come around, I'll post them.

And, as this is the last day of my Christmas-in-July posts, I thought I'd share just a couple of cute Christmas incidents from our family.

One year (I think 05 or 06?) whenever anyone asked McKay what he wanted for Christmas, he always replied: Hot Chocolate. Hmmm...How did I get so lucky to get such an easy kid? Needless to say, Santa left a box of hot chocolate in his stocking for him that year. I'm pretty sure the hot chocolate was some sort of reference to "Polar Express," but seeing as we already owned both the movie and the soundtrack, I have no idea what else it could've been. Anyway. It made us laugh.

Then, Christmas of 05. Lyndsi was 3 almost 4 and really starting to understand the whole Santa thing. We had spent a few days with Jeff's family in Price and came home on Christmas eve and watched the kids go absolutely bonkers with excited anticipation for the next morning. As I was putting Lynds to bed, she seemed a little upset or concerned. I asked what was wrong. She replied, "Mom, what if Santa brings me boy toys??" I had to laugh and then explained that Santa was a smart guy and knew that she would like girl toys.

Enjoy the music for one more day. Those of you who turn your speakers off when you come-tomorrow it will be gone and you can turn them back on. :)

Merry Christmas in July!


Cami said...

I'm with McKay. I'll take hot chocolate any day. Recently, I've begun making iced hot chocolate.

Rachel Teran said...

I love your blog! You're so cute, and I'm glad that my new family loves reading as much as I do! :)

Emily Youngdell said...

Cute! Kids honestly make Christmas so much fun. One year when Karly was probably 2 everytime we asked her what she wanted for Christmas she said Chicken Nuggets. Ü What simple little kids.

Ranae and Matt said...

My sister this year is making fridge magnets out of tile and I am doing vinyl for her that says peace, love joy. and then some poem reguarding those 3 words.